If You’re a Renter, How Do You Check Out the Landlord?

The real estate landscape has forced many people to confront this question: Should I rent or buy a home? There are many benefits to renting and buying, but with foreclosures on the rise, here’s a question you might want to think about before renting, posted in Zillow Advice by Cindy LaPeer in Spring, TX:

Renters: How do you check out the landlord?

“In these crazy times you, a renter, have to look out for your best interests. It is common to have to give a landlord your credit report and proof of income. However, do you check out the landlord?! Many people are renting their homes and know that they are facing foreclosure. They pocket the rent and the next thing you know, the sheriff comes knocking at your door to tell you that you have to be out b/c you are being evicted by the new owner (the bank)! So do what you have to do to make sure that the landlord is in good standing w/their lender. Just a thought…”

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