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Attention Deadheads, here’s bit of real estate news you will find interesting: the former home of the late Jerry Garcia, the Grateful Dead’s beloved lead guitarist/singer/songwriter, is on the market for $3,995,000. It’s the same home Garcia owned at the time of his death in 1995.

Located in Marin County‘s town of Nicasio, CA, about 30 miles north of San Francisco, Garcia’s former home is Mediterranean-style and contains 7,189-sq ft of living space, tucked inside 11 acres and is surrounded by panoramic views of Mount Tamalpais, the Pacific Ocean and the Berkeley, CA skyline.

As one of Rolling Stones’ “100 Greatest Guitarist of All Time,” Garcia undoubtedly lived the ultimate rock-star lifestyle as the leader of the Dead and he helped define the hippie movement of the 1960s in Haight-Ashbury area of San Francisco.

Undoubtedly, this 5-bedroom, 6-bathroom estate provided the perfect escape for the music legend.  After meandering up a long driveway, a grandeur marble entry hall welcomes you into the home. A cozy den, formal living room, and formal dining room adjacent to the gourmet kitchen leave generous amounts of space to relax.  The kitchen flows into an immense family room complete with wood-burning fireplace, entertainment center with 8’x10′ movie screen and full-service wet bar. The family room opens up to the sun-drenched patio and 73,000-gallon swimming pool. With extensive ranch-style acreage and organic gardens all around, this is the ultimate space that heeds to a tranquil side of life that any celebrity needs.

The multi-million-dollar abode continues to an upper level which features all four remaining bedrooms, plus a spacious recreation room which is perfect for a gym, office or playroom. The Master suite is a getaway in itself, with a private deck, enclosed sauna, marble shower, and master closet the size of a standard bedroom. Attached to the master is a nursery suite complete with a full bath and walk-in closet. Then, leave it to a rock star to exceed having two additional bedrooms but rather a secondary master suite and junior suite that both offer a full private bath and walk-in closets.

Jerry Garcia went down in history as a larger than life musical icon who clearly had a larger than life taste in real estate to match.

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  • Funny

    btw Jerry most likely almot never saw this house.

  • Pam S.

    We shouldn’t speak ill of the dead.

  • question

    it’s a little known fact that Jerry Garcia was a Russian spy.

  • potatoe chip

    This house definitely has hidden chambers w/ Garcia memorabilia and drugs!

  • slappy delight

    two matches kid……two matches…….

  • bill masullo

    jerry- a true icon…don’t think he used the spin-cycle or treadmill very much…just saw the furthur tour in oregon last week- the music never stopped

  • Doc Rock

    I think Jerry is up there with a big smile on his face…grinning at all these blogheads…nothin left to do but smile smile smile..:)

  • Curlydog

    While you are all pissing at the anti drug people, you are denying Jerry personal freedom in his choice of companionship.
    As for the house, it doesn’t say Jerry to me. But then we all have a private side.

  • http://na west la

    I’m looking for a chateau, 21 rooms but one will do
    I don’t want to buy it
    I just want to rent it for an hour or two

  • rubber eraser

    did they do the drugs?

  • pencil sharpener

    mostly crack i think?

  • Joe Montana

    Sure is gracious living for a dirty hippie.

  • GDJohn

    This does not look like the home that the incredible musician and artist Garcia would have his signature on. Not earthy enough. Like others have suggested, this was a home that he probably invested in. It definitely is not in the taste of the GD front man. Where are the Persian rugs and the music studio? I’m sure Jerry would have turned in his grave if he ever saw this house being presented as his former home. Good luck getting that price in this economy. Not to mention in one of the brokest states in the country. Some of you haters out there should look at Jerry’s art if you don’t like his music. I bet you’re even wearing one of his ties! Gone but not forgotten, “Master Jerry”! :)

  • GDJohn

    Hey Joe, you sucked at football!! You are not smart enough to understand art of any kind. Be thankful to the Dear Lord that you played football because you would have been a dirty beggar in PA somewhere if it were not for that. You need a nose job you DA!

  • Little Mikey

    This blog is nucking futs.

  • Dr. J

    The House of God!

  • C Pepper

    People people, talk all the smack you want… But shame on you!!! For I thought the Agent has done a magnificent announcement to display the history of the House. Nicasio is the most remote serene beautiful small, coastal area without all the, obnoxious snobbery, that has trickled down this comment log. I think the home and setting is absolutley perfect not to over done leaving enough room for the new owners to add their own flare to the canvas on board.
    So there…..A 2nd generation Realtor born in Marin. But residing in Placer.

  • Serene61

    It would be great if most comments were about the house and not Jerry’s struggles. I am guessing that the hateful comments, about Jerry or each other, are crafted by those with nothing better to do. If so, is this the life you always hoped for? Can’t you do better? This is not a dress rehearsal. This life is temporary. You are here one minute and gone the next. At least Jerry left a wonderful legacy. Usually, I do not get involved in these discussions because of the bottom feeders. The statement “the masses are asses” seems applicable. Is it too much to ask for this forum to focus on the merits of the property?

    Regarding the comments about the decor, do any of you understand how real estate works? When someone moves, their possessions move too. So of course, Jerry’s possessions were moved a long time ago. Jerry had the home set up in a simple but beautiful way. Those who had the pleasure to know Jerry, probably remember that this house and setting offered him the space to heal. Watching the cats, dogs, goats and sheep were amusing too. Having the art studio was great. Prior to this home, his art was being noticed and he found it ironic that since he was a famous musician, his art was finally seen and appreciated. He had a great sense of humor.

    This home is so private, the views are so great! One could even buy the bank owned home next door and then they would have 20 acres at the end of the road. Getting away from the rat race at this location is worth a lot. Jerry did not have to consider this the most perfect of homes to benefit by getting well here. So I for one think that some wise buyer will take notice, not just because it was Jerry’s, but because Nicasio is such a wonderful place to call home. By the way, Nicasio is NOT coastal. It is in the center of the county and long ago, nearly became the seat of government due to the location. In Nicasio, sellers have a hard time getting their price, but then, most homeowners there are not flippers. Sellers will do the best they can to get top dollar. Time will tell if this home sells at a good price, or if it goes off market to wait for a better time.

  • Atom

    Wave that flag! Wave it wide and high!

    Jerry was a true American hero. Living the dream and letting us all dance to the beat. God bless and rock on forever. Nice digs, too.

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  • RK

    Jerry Garcia did more for mankind than about 5.999999 billion will do collectively. Ponder that thought and ask why your legacy will truly be when you’re dust in the wind.

  • RK

    Jerry Garcia did more for mankind than about 5.999999 billion will do collectively. Ponder that thought and ask what your legacy will truly be when you’re dust in the wind.

  • Turk

    It all rolls into one and nothing comes for free,
    There’s nothing you can hold, for very long.
    And when you hear that song come crying like the wind,
    It seems like all this life was just a dream.

    RIP… Jerry Garcia

  • brit

    my brother and i both loved the music of jerry garcia…we are very different, myself liberal, he conservative…yet we shared the love of the music and one thing we both always agreed on was that “there’s nothing for your head like the grateful dead”….he forwarded me this link and i made the mistake of scrolling down to see what people said about this house and, lo and behold, o witness a little mycrocosym of the america we live in today: ie: holier than thou asses critizing what they cannot begin to understand…just like the relgious folks always after the homosexuals. didnt anyone ever teach you that if you cannot find something nice to say, say nothing ? it is so easy for these armchair losers to talk about how fat jennifer anniston looks or what a druggie garcia was….look in the mirror, man ! maybe you critize others to avoid introspection into your own weak existence ? i can tell you that garcia was not perfect, as none of us are, but when i hear “wish i was a headlight in the cool colorado rain” i always get a chill down my spine…and it is a chill of goodness and love…the same chill i get when i gaze upon my children. i feel sorry for you for not having this type of wonder in your life

  • Marc

    The world is filled with people with love in their hearts for Jerry and a chills down their spine at the sound of even one of the many amazing notes he conjured up on his guitar.

    The very few who were not touched by him are missing something. You’ll disagree. You’ve endeavored to stain this post. You might even be proud of yourself for doing so.

    Interestingly though, in return you’ve received only good vibes back. I’m sure somewhere there’s a man with 9.5 fingers smiling about that.

    “Wake up to find out that you are the eyes of the world.”

  • Jerry

    All i wanted to do was PLAY GUITAR. I could have been playing a dive down in the Mission and been as happy as a clam



  • CtDawg

    How does a real estate blog become a place for negative A-holes to talk smack about Papa Bear???
    I missed more shows due to junk and only started going again once I got my shit straight…any idiot who never been there should keep their stupid ideas to themselves this is not a teaparty rally. If it were not for my GD family who allways had nothing but concern for my wellbeing I would be a wreck maybe if someofyouz had some real people in your life you’d be kinder and happier people like us deadheads..
    P.S. Zillow love the writeup and photos can almost picture JERRY painting in the office or on the back patio (~);)

  • JJ

    I bet the people on this blog making fun of Jerry’s addiction listen to Rush Limbuagh who was and probably still is a major opiate junky ruining the lives a middle aged and retired white folks with fear and ignorance.

  • Moose

    I’ve loved his music since I first heard it in 1972. Garcia was an awesome musician who could make his guitar sing. He was a gentle man that wanted to spread peace and love in the world. He obviously had his demons to deal with, but how would you be if everywhere you looked there were people with your picture on their shirts? He had a HUGE following of loyal fans that went to see him and followed his music and life. That’s a tough nut to have so many people live to hear your next tune. I can understand his escaping with his demons.

    If I have to explain it, you wouldn’t understand.

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  • Buy Scentsy

    Beautiful home but nothing like what I imagined for Jerry Garcia. I pictured a very hippie, green, low key type of home from his persona.

  • Nicholas S.

    Wow! I had seen pic’s before of his home. I’m a DeadHead and always will be, R.I.P. Jerome Garcia. If I had the $ I would purchase his home, but would not live in it. I would keep it the way it is amd just take care of it. I would have a party every year(at the home)on his birthday and on the day of his passing.

  • player

    Yes, this home looks beautiful and I like to imagine Jerry Garcia relaxing in it when he had some spare time.

  • guy

    i live in nyc, once owned a real estate brokerage in the hamptons. this house is on a large plot of land with some nice fauna, house is not my taste but whatever one’s taste, it’s not a dump. can’t imagine garcia living it as it now looks in the pictures. as to someone mentioning the house in a movie w/keaton, that home is located in the hamptons. as to the dead, thier music and drugs…..saw them many times at filmore east and elsewhere back in 60’s and early 70’s. lots of pot smoking and lsd not hard drugs, good time had by all. they were good entertainers and i’m sure understood that’s simply what they were and enjoyed it and made a living at it…….what’s so bad about that? by anyone’s standard being on the road is not an easy life. good luck to the remaining members of the band, they still work at it and perform.

  • Zoo Man

    Garcia was just a guitar player. Debatable the greatest ever but that’s just a small footnote in his life’s biography.

    He was a man who LOVED his fellow man and was dedicated too making the world a BETTER PLACE.

    For all you negative creeps I truly feel sorry for you. To make disparaging remarks about a legend who isn’t here to defend himself shows what kind of humans you truly are, UNHAPPY and miserable, and that’s just SAD

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