JERSEY SHORE HOUSE FOR RENT! For all you Guido and Guidette wannabes who want to gym/tan/laundry in the actual space where the “Jersey Shore” cast of characters hung out, you can because the Jersey Shore house is for rent! The rental prices are for single nights only and they have a definite spike for seasonality. For example, the house is renting for $3,500/per night until May 1, then it jumps to $6,500 per night from May 1-July 15. See more photos of Jersey Shore house. (Yes, Zillow offers rentals!)

Original post:

In case you’re caught up in the tan-sanity of MTV’s latest reality series “Jersey Shore,” you’re probably wondering what’s “The Situation” on the Jersey Shore house where Snooki, Pauly, Vinny and the rest of the crew spend their days and late, late nights. The brown-shingled party house is located at 1209 Ocean Terrace, Seaside Heights, NJ 08751 and it’s just behind a row of shops on the boardwalk in Seaside Heights, NJ – including the T-shirt shop where they all work (click on the photo above and drag to the left to see the boardwalk).

The show airs Thursday nights on MTV and has commanded its share of headlines due to a cast with strong personalities who like to “gym/tan/laundry,” get into fights and call themselves “Guidos” and “Guidettes.” Ironically, while the house is located on the Jersey shore and the show is about the happenings at the Jersey shore, only one cast member — Sammi “Sweetheart” Giancola of Hazlet, NJ — is actually from the Garden State.

Many Italian-American organizations and MTV advertisers have taken exception to their behavior and self-described monikers and call the group offensive and exploitative of a stereotype.

“I don’t see any redeeming value in the show,” DiMino told the NY Times. “They are an embarrassment to themselves and to their families.” — Andre DiMino, president of the largest Italian-American service organization in the U.S.

Philadelphia blog Phillyist says this is not the real Jersey shore – or at least the part of the Jersey shore that Philadelphians would dare venture into.

Meanwhile, the show is rocketing up the ratings scale for MTV, last Thursday capturing the No. 1 slot on cable for the 12-34-year-old demographic. (Twelve-year-olds are watching this?)

Want to see your share of tans, muscles and plenty of hormone-fueled drama?  Tune into Jersey Shore on Thursday at 10 p.m. on MTV.  We won’t tell…

(Photo courtesy NY Daily News)

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  • Nerves of Steel

    I was wondering on another subject why do you not post results for the entire Monterey County in CA not just Salinas CA? Can you send an update on the “Zillow in your neighborhood updates” to include Monterey, Seaside, Carmel, and Pebble Beach CA…It would be interesting to see the results.
    I added this comment here because frankly there is no where to add or ask questions for your organization that really matter!

  • Diane Tuman

    Nerves: Here’s a link for the Zillow Home Value Index for some of the locales you’re interested in:

    Also, you can go to Zillow Advice and ask/add/answer any question you want about Zillow. There is a lively community there and the questions range from Zestimates to home improvement issues. Take a look:

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  • paula

    are you serious! who cares! if you want to rent a home come to westerly RI! I could care less if Maadonna, Obama or any of these people stay or soaked in the hot tub! good god

  • Insurance

    I don’t know about the show, so yah, for people like me this kind of celeb hype won’t work.

  • Mary

    Boy the NJ shore sure does attract white trash !

  • Chloe

    Don’t hate us cuz you ain’t us. As if anyone wants to spend their summers in Rhode Island? What do you have 2 days a year when the temp is over 70? And as for Philadelphia, I guess North Philly is paradise?

  • Apidexin Reviews

    Nice pic… I mean the second one :D
    Yep, I don’t know that show

  • Logan Utah Real Estate

    Seems like a lot to rent out for one night. I mean, to spend that much money for one night is ludacris. It would be nice to be able to afford something like that, but I would rather spend that money on a vacation to Hawaii.

  • MM

    Does anybody know where the next Jersey Shore house is going to be? Seems like if you knew when and where the next show was that you could market the houses for rent near it?

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  • Deby

    nice idea MM, nice idea

  • Medical Blog

    6.5k per night? impressive

  • tara

    i live 2 houses down from this house and my rent isn’t nearly that much.. weird

  • http://zillow jerry henderson

    So Jersey [cape may co] is so overpriced.I am a retired Bldg Insp of 30 yrs,So Jersey builders are the worst,& they have co officials in their back pocket.CO’s are not issued until sub-contractors are paid,what does that have to do with the Construction project,consumers should not have to suffer due to bickerings over a developer & sub contractors,that tell you that could care less of the quality of construction,most work is performed by illegals who pay no taxes,shoody work,high prices & taxes

  • http://zillow jerry henderson

    Quality of workmanship in Cape May Co is criminal,they cheat all the time,workers are illegal mexicans who are below avg mechanics,then he hires 3 more partially skilled helpers who cant speak english they need work instructions in spanish & are very sloppy half ass mechanics,no taxes paid to them,greedy builders pocket tax money,cheap labor,cheap materials,& very expensive inferior built housing abounds in the Wildwood area,they cant construct a firewall to code,Ive watched

  • meaghan quinn

    wow. you guys are ALL hateful to us Jersey Shore Residents. im only 13 and IRISH but still dont be hating on us just because these people shot their show here. the only one thats actually from jersey is Sammi. the rest are all from NY or RI . okay NOT JERSEY SHORE ! get that through your heads. the jersey shore isnt full of “white trash” and im sick of everyone saying that! okay and yeah i watch the show but that has nothing to do with this. the jersey shore is actually a fun place to go during the summer and there is some white trash but not many. so please dont be hating on the Jersey Shore. and no im not italian not even a hint, im actually irish and nothing else :]

  • Insurance

    that’s just too much for one night stay

  • Mark Pools

    What a challenging time we live in! Reality TV! Is this what we really model our own lives on! I would hope not. This is with respect for the young people who in reality” are receiving an opportunity, that will alter their financial lives in a significant and lasting way. This is the only benefit I can see from this series, yet viewers flock to the silliness of, I am not certain why as surely this is not for the majority, reality. Why then do we enjoy this type of show? What is lacking in our own lives that we gain enjoyment from the unnatural environment that is, reality television?

  • lebron kobe

    I bet the guy that let mtv use that place is extremely happy now… that crazy what he’s getting for one day!

  • GemmaPromoDsicounts

    Crazy prices, they can use our place if they pay us that!

  • Scrabble Word Finder

    Well the house doesn’t seem that good, it’s reallu ugly on the photo…

  • WorkPay

    Sounds like a proposition we would all like for extra income.

  • O2

    Looks like a super idea, I have a similar place available..

  • Cricket Balls

    O2, in your dreams!

  • AV Homes

    The show may be doing very well, but the house itself looks fit for no more than a frat party. I’m sure it is perfect for partying and hanging out by the beach though. For anyone who can afford to pay that amount of money to have a great time near the Jersey Shore cast, it’s still a great deal.

  • Rangemaster 110

    simply not for me

  • http://n/a neal walton

    good show im italian love the show

  • Buytoletmortgages

    That is amazing and just about takes the biscuit.

  • Homes for sale in New Bern NC

    wow…that price is insane for a one night rental…

  • HGH

    This is with respect for the young people who in reality” are receiving an opportunity, that will alter their financial lives in a significant and lasting way. This is the only benefit I can see from this series, yet viewers flock to the silliness of, I am not certain why as surely this is not for the majority, reality.

  • Tahoe Homes

    Oh god! Even when I try to read blogs at work I can’t escape the Jersey Shore stories!!! ahhhh

  • property management companies

    At $3500 a night?…MTV please use my house for the next “any show” for free. Then i can rent it out to fans for a crazy amount.

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  • Havelock NC Homes for sale

    I wouldnt pay 3500 a night for anywhere!

  • Dalmatian puppies for sale

    Do not hate us because we are not. As if someone wants to spend his summers in Rhode Island? What do you have 2 days a year when the temperature is over 70? As for Philadelphia, North Philadelphia guess is paradise? I like the sweet photos. Good luck for both of them.  They should take it easy with the updates. Thank you.

  • Wooden privacy fence

    Nice pic … I refer to the second Yes, I know that show Good job !! This is a nice article to be read.. The difficulty of translateing has been paid by the quality of this article.

  • rodney@new home building

    That price is carzy for one nights rent. I’ll pass.

  • Red hair shades ideas

    According to Great job mate! I like your work. Thanks for sharing

  • New Burgundy hair color

    nice idea MM, nice idea What might be taken for a precocious genius is the genius of childhood. When the child grows up, it disappears without a trace. It may happen that this boy will become a real painter some day, or even a great painter. But then he will have to begin everything again, from zero.

  • New Retaining wall construction

    I live two houses down from this house and the rent is not so much .. strange I never usually post on blogs but I have found this is very usefull work. Thank you so much.

  • Tom

    This home owner is crazy, MTV was not even paying him that much, 3500 dollars a night, now that’s funny, who gives a crap that these jersey shore idiots stayed there to film their show and then to be even more funny, he’s asking over 6000 dollars a night in May, I wonder how much this nut is going to want per night in summer time, I’ve lived in NJ all of my life and I’ve rented homes at seaside park many times and all of the people that I know would not pay 3500 dollars a week for that house and I don’t care what month of the year it is, now this idiot that owns that T shirt store and that house has more money than any of us so please keep your money in the bank in these hard times and don’t go and do someting stupid like spending 10,000 dollars to stay two nights at a home that no one really cares about at all.

  • Kodi

    Dear Tom……. Get urself together and stop talkin bout them. If u don’t like it stay of the chat.. Simple I’m physically and mental addicted to Pauly d and don’t ever call him an idiot cuz he sexy as fuk.. Get ur shit together and stop brin jelous. Love.. Ur #1 hater

  • Crystal gorecki

    I think it would be a great place to party and have good time on the board walk but really the price of this house is crazy i would never pay this much for this house even if i had the money u could find a house probley better then that for a cheaper price and have the same amount of fun now i love the jersey shore show and the cast but never in my wildest dreams pay that much to that man. He is already paid has the t.shirt shop and charging people 6500 a night for his house he really must have let all this go to his head…. Wooowwww

  • faith

    my family & i are visiting new jersey in the summer & i would love to stay here

  • Wedding program template

    wow. We hate you are all Jersey residents on the ground. I am only 13 and Irish, but still do not hate us just because these people fired his show here. this is the only reality of the shirt is Sammi. the rest are all from New York or Rhode Island. While NO Jersey Shore! get through their heads. t of the coast isn’t full of white trash and I’m tired of everybody saying that! well and yes i watch the show, but that has nothing to do with it. the Jersey Shore is really a fun place to go during the summer and there is some white trash, but not many. so please do not hate on the Jersey Shore. I’m not Italian and not even a hint, I’m actually Irish, and nothing more:] By working faithfully eight hours a day you may eventually get to be boss and work twelve hours a day.

  • Cj

    I think the price of $6500 a night is a great deal. I already made plans to go up for 7 days. Its goin to be a blast :)

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