Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi is planning his first visit to the U.S. in September when he is scheduled to address the United Nations General Assembly on Sept. 23. But, where does the reviled leader of a country stay — especially on the heels of the release of the convicted Lockerie bomber who was sent back to Libya and given a hero’s welcome?

Initially, Gadhafi was planning on staying in a Libyan-owned mansion in Englewood, NJ, but he is not welcome there — especially when 38 residents died in the Lockerbie bombing. So, where does a despised leader stay?

How does Joan Rivers’ Manhattan penthouse apartment sound?

According to New York Post’s Richard Johnson, Gadhafi saw Joan Rivers’ penthouse online and called her broker, offering to rent it for $200,000 a week. (Rivers’ place is currently on the market for $25 million). When Rivers heard about it, she had many quips in store:

. . . “I thought it was great. I said I would give half the rent to Lockerbie,” and the other half “to have an exterminator come and clean the apartment when he was done. But my houseman was not happy. He doesn’t know how to cook llama,” Rivers said, apparently unaware llamas live in South America, not North Africa. When Khadafy ultimately decided not to rent the place, Rivers said, “It broke my heart.”

  • Karen Mobile

    Look at all that gold! amazing.

  • Chris Wilson

    Look at his face! did he just eat a bad apple…

  • Armando Montelongo

    That hurts my eyes!

  • travel

    Are those all really gold? insane

  • Kevin

    Is this real???
    Amazing that is something unbelievable…how did he manage all that???

  • Karen Mobile

    Hadn’t noticed his face Chris, bad apple, that is funny!

  • Nora

    Kudos to Joan Rivers for being honest about the effects of hysterectomy! In the new book about hysterectomy, THE H WORD, Chapter 48 is titled “Joan Rivers”Liars: hysterectomy didn’t improve sex life.” You can read about why hysterectomy ruins sex at

  • Gainesville Real Estate

    Wow, I would be scared to even sit down in a place like that. You can always tell the real gold leaf from the fake – real gold is less shiny.

  • Joel

    Now come on folks we all know that thre is “Gold Leaf” paint and yes it contains gold but not pure gold. Obviously even Joan the High Priestess of all things JAP (Jewish American Princess)has decided that it’s a little over the top. It looks like a 5 start Hotel in Europe. It would be likeing living with a lit Christmas Tree 365 days out of the year.
    Great look but a great deal to maintain……

  • Kevin

    Joan is fabulously camp…the quips about the rent are great—she ran with the bait but didn’t take it. The apartment is over the top and designed to make people Gasp!, not make them comfy. The dude from Libya can stay at a Motel 6 in West Virginia for all(most of) the world cares.

  • mike

    A few farts from gadafi should Depeciate the value below 10 mil

  • shawn cooper

    plz give me a room in ur house.

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