Consistent with other negative housing trends, like those highlighted in the recent Q1 Zillow Real Estate Market Reports, the U.S. Census Bureau recently released the latest numbers from its Geographical Mobility study, showing a 9% decline in the national mover rate from 2007 to 2008.  Just over 35 million people, or 11.9% of the population, moved in 2008.  Compared to previous years, this is a significant drop.  The Census Bureau reported that this is the lowest rate since they began tracking this data in 1948.  Here’s a look at the numbers since 2001:

Some other interesting stats from this report:

Who moved? A large majority (76%) of movers were under the age of 40.

Where were they from? Two-thirds of those who moved lived in the South and West.

Where did they go? Among 2008 movers, 83% moved within the same state, while 13% moved to a different state and 3% moved to another country.  Cities within metropolitan areas lost 2 million movers, while the suburbs gained 2.2 million movers.

Why did they move? The most common reasons for moving were housing related, such as the desire to own a home or live in a better neighborhood.

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  • rob aubrey

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  • Palmdale homes

    Darn, I started selling real estate in the middle of 2007. Everyone told me I was “too late.” I guess they were right in a way because the market has been so depressed. There hasn’t been much besides foreclosures and short sales. Every agent I can remember who started when I did is long gone.

    Anyway, sales did pick up a bit with the $8,000 tax credit, but when that ended, I think it probably levelled right back to where it should have been. Hopefully by 2012, we’ll see it back to where it was in 2005 and 2006. Cross your fingers.

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