The San Francisco International Airport (SFO) is approximately 4 miles northeast of Hillsborough, CA, and the home of Stanley Hilton, but that is 4 miles too close. That is because Mr. Hilton claims in his lawsuit (PDF) that the proximity of SFO and its “round the clock jet aircraft in and out of SFO” has caused “severe emotional and physical injuries” including the loss of his marriage, family and career.

According to Wired, Hilton is suing SFO and a bunch of others:

  • SFO Airport Authority, City of San Francisco, San Mateo County, City of Hillsborough
  • United Airlines; American Airlines; Virgin; Mexicana; Atlantic; Lufthansa; German Airlines; Air France; Federal Express; DHL; UPS; KLM Airlines; Northwest; Alaska Airlines; British Airways; Flying Tiger Lines; Japan Airlines; Korean Airlines; China Airlines; Singapore Airlines; Air Canada; Southwest; and Hawaiian
  • The previous owners of the home in question located at 670 Darrell Rd. Hillsborough, CA
  • Cashin Real Estate Company and Coldwell Banker
  • Two real estate agents
  • Jet engine makers Rolls Royce Company and General Electric
  • Jet manufactures Boeing, Airbus and McDonnell Douglas
  • And, an unknown inspector

Additionally, he demands that the previous owners take back his home that he bought in March of 2003 for $1.475 million and refund him his money including any interest, fees and property taxes. He accuses them of fraud and says he did not realize this ‘breach of contract’ until Dec. 22, 2007– 82 years after the 20th busiest airport in the world was built, more than 4 years after he bought the property and 6 weeks prior to his divorce on Feb. 1, 2008.

This is not Hilton’s first foray with legal challenges. According to Wired, in August the Duke Law alumnus was barred by the California bar citing moral turpitude. Could it be because of his $7 billion class-action lawsuit (he claims he represented 400 plaintiffs, but only two were listed) against former President Bush and his cabinet claiming they ‘let’ 9/11 happen on purpose? Who knows.

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  • Cherry Creek Realty Services

    WHAT?!!! This guy is insane!!! There are so many other houses in between his and the airport and they aren’t complaining. I mean, he should’ve thought about the location before buying the home — and to sue the other airlines, that’s just ridiculous! He wants media attention. Pathetic.

  • simoni

    People like make this country suck sometimes

  • Kathy

    What a great reason to sue someone…People living between his home and the airport are also humans.He is not the 1st person on the earth to do that.

  • Gainesville Real Estate

    What a joke.

  • Craig Blackmon

    Just for the record, not all lawyers are this bad. In fact, there are some extremely decent lawyers out there who are working hard to provide consumers with meaningful and far less expensive alternatives to “traditional” real estate agents.

  • Joe

    If a buyer does not do his/her research before buying a house he/she must suffer the consequences. This is clearly an act to make up for his irresponsible behavior.

  • Deeply concerned

    I am a realtor. This guy is joking. He should have done his home work on the home. This will get kicked out of the court system so fast. The guy should just give the house back to the bank. He will be another forcloseure story. Stop spending your money on stupid crap short sale the house and move on. Sounds like he has mental problems. Air port is not the reason his life feel apart. Needs to grow up and take up for his own actions. I hope the groups counter sue him for the cost they have over his being stupid. I can’t wait for the day some of these company counter sue back for law suit that are so stupid just to make a point.

  • Chuck

    He seems like a nice man that deserves justice for the suffering this world has bestowed up him.
    The court should order the airport to move it’s opperations further north a few miles into San Francisco. That would give him quiet sleep at night.
    And if the court would be so kind as to award him the $555 million he is asking for, then maybe, just maybe his wife might take him back.

  • Deborah Quinsland

    I think it may not be Hilton only that is the problem with this lawsuit. The problem is with the lawyer or lawyers and company, that take on this absolutely asinine complaint. It just gives the absurd…. a chance at getting something they do not deserve, at the same time forcing the American businessman (who hopes to stay in business after someone lodges a frivolous lawsuit)to retain attorneys at a substantial cost and settling potential law suits outside the courts due to cost rather than allowing justice and ethics to persevere. The lawyers are really the enemy of the people of the United States simply by encouraging people to bring ridiculous lawsuits. Their motives are totally self serving and all of us have become their victims. These type of lawsuits need to stop!!!!seriously!!!!!We as a people whether we are an entrepreneur or an employee are constantly being forced to accept wrong as right. This must stop now. Instead of these vampires(lawyers)having institutions and people bestowing accolades and partnerships upon them for defending the wrong and absurd, why not let them cowar in the alleys as criminals against the state, who have taken the constitution and perverted it for their own purposes. Charge them for taking on every stupid, ridiculous, and insane case that threatens the constitution. We as a society should not live in fear of lawsuits from people who do not take responsiblity for their choices. Stand up and say I dare you!!!!!!!!

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  • expatinasia

    For a laugh, read the entire lawsuit. You can tell things are going wrong when he used the wrong county to file the suit.

  • expatinasia

    One more thing. Since “zeros” are free, he claimed his damages are $10,000,000,000

  • Mary Francis

    It appears that this homeowner is in default on this property. According to Public Records he stopped making payment on this home early 2009. He has defaulted on his loan in June 2009. His home is in pre-forclosure and he owes twice the amount he paid for it. He used his home as an ATM machine since his purchase and is now in deep financial trouble. What better way to delay the foreclosure than to file a bogus lawsuit.

  • Mary Francis

    Additionaly His scam is not so unusual. There are several luxury homes that are in Pre-forclosure and the other homeowners have done exactly what Stanley did. He can’t delay the banks taking over, he is no defferent that anyone else in finacial trouble. The only difference is that Stanley took the low road. He truely is the reason why You hate Lawyers.

  • Jeff Hall

    Pretty simple to stop these lawsuits. Make ALL legal fees for both sides and court costs (including however much time it takes to read and dismiss the stupid cases) be payable by the losing side or by the filer of the suit if it doesn’t make it to court. Our court system is so clogged up with these stupid law suits, just lawyers making more and more work for themselves. Of course we (as people who sit on juries) are part of the problem, when we allow idiots to sue corporations because someone got burned by their coffee being hot. The thinking is probably “hey let’s give the little guy some money from the big bad corporation” not realizing the corporations don’t pay for anything, it ALL gets passed on to consumers so we are hurting ourselves on that front and that it now encourages the next dimwit who wants to sue an airport, everyone who works there, all the airlines, everyone who rode on a plane from there, anyone that ever drove by and saw the airport or whatever else this guy is claiming. Also whoever helps him (legal representation) should be disbarred or at a minimum be slapped with a huge fine for contempt of court!

  • DJSauvage

    Can we file a class action suit against him for making our tickets into SFO go up?

  • matt from Marshfield

    What, Mr. Hilton is creating jobs. Now every company he sued has to respond, the judicial system has to deal with it. He probably created 20 jobs (with this insane lawsuit). That’s more than Bush ever (net) did.

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