Actress Meg Ryan put her home up for sale last October for $14.2 million, but after just two months, the listing was removed. But now, Ryan has posted a for rent sign on her Bel Air beauty and, as usual with celeb homes, the price is not cheap: $40,000/month!

Ryan’s Bel Air home is a classic, Spanish-style estate, built in 1931. It offers wide-open city and ocean views and resort-like grounds also offer privacy. Fanciful touches inside include open archways, stenciled and painted wood-beamed ceilings, tiles, ironwork, rich wood floors, doors and windows, and French doors that open to loggia, dining pavilion and expansive lawn.

According to Zillow’s price history chart, Ryan purchased this home in October 2000 for $8.5 million.

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(Photos courtesy Luxist)

  • Doug Francis

    Okay, it is a little over my budget, but I would prefer it over the Osbourne’s ocean front rental home that you mentioned last week.

  • Owner Finance Austin

    I’m still trying to figure out why someone with 40k to burn monthly would want to “rent”… Nice place though if you can afford it.

  • Julie Pickens-Livermore

    Beautiful home! She purchased it for 8.5 million in 2009 and listed it for 14.2 million after having it less than a year. How can she expect her home to increase in value by that much in this economy? That is crazy! She needs to be more realistic. I agree with Owner Finance Austin, why rent a home for $40,000 a month when you can buy.

  • American Van Lines

    This is a really nice home but 40k is a bit much for a monthly payment. The only person I see renting this house is another actor or athlete that has to move around a lot.

  • Mike

    While everyone else has pretty much said what you can on the price of this rental, it’s quite interesting to be able to see where stars such as Meg Ryan live and what being as big a star as her can get you in a home. And I must say it seems like it can get you quite a bit, in Bel Air that is.

  • Palmdale homes

    Expensive houses are a little harder to sell and I’m sure Meg probably didn’t want to wait so long. Plus, she might be hoping for prices to come back up.

  • Property Marbella

    Wow, looks like a home out of a story book. Great photos and stunning property!

  • James Bullard

    Seems nice, but for that kind of money I would rather get a place on Laguna Beach or Newport Beach.

  • Jason Improta – Calabasas Homes for Sale

    Unless she made significant and vast improvements to her home, she doesn’t have any business expecting to sell it for that much of an increase in price. Homes in that price range don’t move quickly but overprice them and they’ll never sell.

  • WMC

    Actually, you have a typo. It shows she purchased it for $8.5M in October 2000, not 2009.

  • Diane Tuman

    Fixed! Thanks, WMC.

  • Stop Smoking Hypnosis Los Angeles

    You could get a place in Malibu for that cost.

    Then again Bel Air is beautiful.

    Did anyone notice how absolutely picturesque that pool is…look at the view of downtown la!

  • rdnp

    I prefer buy a house with 40K. :)

  • Randy

    Really nice house.

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  • Becky @ Farmgirl Paints

    Love the lights in the kitchen. I can’t even fathom $40,000 a month…wowza. Beautiful place though.

  • DAN


  • DAN


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  • Jerry King

    If you have huge money to buy a house, renting first might be a good way to avoid buyer’s remorse. Living in it for a few months before committing to buy could be sensible.

  • Louie

    I would pay 5000000 for this place let alone 14 million . America is sick & Rome is burning

  • gigi

    Why are there no curtains or window treatments?? I would get spooked at night ……

  • Jean

    I don’t even make 40k a year! And can’t afford to buy a home :(

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