Between late 2007 and 2008, the late Michael Jackson rented a home in the Spring Valley neighborhood of Las Vegas at 2785 S. Monte Cristo Way, Las Vegas, NV. Today, the Las Vegas Sun is reporting Jackson’s home was sold for $3.1 million, after being listed for $3,950,000.

On Zillow, the video tour of Jackson’s house shows a status of “pending,” so take a look before the video comes down.

The home is gated and has 8-foot walls around the entire one-acre property. At 6,400-square-feet, it includes au pair quarters (attached apartment with two beds, one bath), tennis and basketball courts, fitness rooms, sauna, theater, orchestra loft, seven bedroom suites, three office suites, elevator, and large formal entertainment rooms. The master bedroom in incredibly huge — over 2,000 square feet — with a large covered patio, plus it has private access to a rooftop deck designed for sun bathing and Zen zone.

According to the Sun, “… the home was ultimately taken back by the lender, Eastern Savings Bank, in lieu of it going through foreclosure with the previous owner.” A California couple bought the home with cash. The percentage of foreclosure re-sales in Spring Valley in November is 65.8%. and foreclosure re-sales for Las Vegas is 64.7%.

While we associate Jackson with his Neverland Ranch, he actually spent a lot of time in Las Vegas and was reportedly on the verge of buying a Las Vegas estate he dubbed “Wonderland,” prior to his shocking death.

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  • Finance

    Hello… where’s the jacko fans?

  • Ken Schmidt

    Nice house…very cool video tour. Wonder how much the rent was a month? Deposit?

  • Insurance

    looks like a nice place to live, and with the memories bonus, worth the money.

  • bella lewis

    i wish i have a lot of money so that i can buy this property.

  • Juliana

    The memory is worth it…

  • aravia

    He is the best singer in the world and i wish I had that much money as him. He is the best person Ive ever heard and better than any outher.nice house by the way

  • Christopher

    Super nice diggs…MJ……. RIP Jacko….we are gonna miss you dearly.

  • Christopher

    I think this one was the 24,000 a month rental. The 12k Rental was in LA….This one is way better.

  • Denise Smith

    I think Michael Jackson was one of the best entainers I ever seen. He had it all the looks, dance, money, women and a great sense of humor. I only regret not ever meeting him or going to see his concert. I am devastated by his death. I still ache,suffer, I grieve and I loved Michael Jackson. I grew up watching him. Even though, I never met him I miss him. I feel like someone in my immediate family died. I get sick at the thought of his death and I can’t imagine how his family feels. I just want them to live through his music. I don’t feel like Michael is a Jacko! He is the best!! The way that man moves on the floor, and sings is a magic robot. Michael you are with the all mighty GOD!!! When I come to heaven will you just let me hug you? I really have enjoyed your music and you as a person. You faced alot of nonsense such as Jacko! Bullshit!! Just wanted your money. I believe in you, your words. Your death should be justified I don’t care if you are the president, if you kill!! Jail, If you are a millionaire You kill Jail! The Doctor was neglience in his work,and he deserves to be held accountable for his actions. Michael Jackson’s death blew the top off my brains. I still pain. It left so many of us in a state of shock. And the award he got for his funeral, he deserved it, The reason he got it, we love that boy just as his mother, sisters, and brother do. We love that boy. Mrs. Jackson!! I can’t begin to know the hurt, and pain you feel, because my feelings like so many others are hurt. Michael is no longer with these demons on this earth. He’s with the best. He’s with God, Jesus and his other angels. He went to sleep and never woke up. Mercy Jesus!!Mercy!!!!!!!!!!!! All you Jacko fans. Go to Hell!!!!!! l

  • Cricket Bats

    Great house!
    But how much would it have got if MJ hadn’t rented it!

  • Deby

    If only I have the money

  • Jeff

    D*mn I lived only three miles from here! We could have hung out!

  • Palmdale Homes

    There were tears falling around the world when Michael Jackson passed away. He seemed so immortal, like he would always be around. I just wish the media would have had a lot more respect for him than they did while he was alive.

    This property is quite lovely, but cannot compare to his Neverland property. That home was truly amazing.

  • Bball

    I just got back from Las Vegas and we went to go see this house! It’s amazing, just the feeling you get when you drove up the street and then got out and walked infront of the house. I also went to Regis Galerie in the Venetian and it felt like he was there I wiped my foot over the whole first step to get upstairs ( too bad you had to make an appointment to get up there) We also stayed at the Venetian and I wanted to go to the floor he satyed on but oh well, at least we got to stay there. I really wanted to see Wonderland but couldn’t. That will defiantely be happening next time I go there!

  • office space Jacksonville

    Decent price, I liked the video tour.

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