Photo by: Alex Martinez/Bravo

Photo by: Alex Martinez/Bravo

Miami real estate agent and Zillow Blog contributor Samantha DeBianchi stars in Bravo’s “Million Dollar Listing Miami,” which premieres this week. DeBianchi is the first woman to be featured as an agent on the hit franchise, so she’s dubbed herself the show’s “first lady” and vowed to be herself even as the cameras rolled.

It is Miami, so she took a little heat. It wasn’t always easy, but DeBianchi said in the end that she would do the show again. Here’s what she shared about the experience:

Q: What made you interested in “Million Dollar Listing?” How did you end up getting on the show?

A: I have always been a HUGE fan of the show from day one and the LA version. World of Wonder does a fantastic job of capturing all sides of real estate — the fun parts, the difficult parts and everything in between.

Since I speak as a real estate expert on national TV and write for publications such as the Sun Sentinel and Zillow, I was approached by production about the show, and everything came together quite nicely.

Q: What was it like to do your job while the cameras were rolling? Was it distracting, or did you forget they were there?

A: I promised myself that if I was going to do the show, I wasn’t going to let the cameras distract me and I was going to be exactly who I am — I’m not that “glitzy and glamorous” Realtor; I’m a hustler, I’m passionate, I’m driven, and I do whatever it takes to get the deal done.

Q: What is unique about the Miami real estate market that makes it a good setting for the show?

A: Miami real estate is booming, and I think people all over the country (and world) know that and hear that, but they truly don’t understand why. MDL Miami gives viewers an inside look as to “why” Miami real estate is as hot as it is.

Q: What was the biggest surprise about being on reality TV?

A: Despite what people think or say, the show is real; the showings are real, the closings are real. I gained over 10 pounds and a ton of gray hair working my butt off and hustling the past 9 months of filming, so I can definitely attest to it!

Q: What did you learn? Anything you would do differently next time?

A: After Bravo released the cast names, etc., the blogs and articles went up, and the criticism and comments came soon after. It’s definitely something that you’re never ready or prepared for, but I’ve learned that not everyone is going to want to play with me on the playground — and that’s OK. I am very happy I did the show, and I think this season will rock!

Q: How did your clients respond to being on the show?

A: I have a different relationship with my clients than the majority of real estate agents out there. My clients and I truly become the best of friends and we have a great time working with each other. With that said, I think you will be able to see how much fun my clients have with me on the show!

“Million Dollar Listing Miami” airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.


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