Mitt Romney’s Old Boyhood Home in Detroit to be Razed

Update (6/9/10): Mitt Romney’s boyhood home was demolished.


Original post:

Detroit’s big, bold plan to raze 3,000 dilapidated homes to make way for urban parks and farms includes one property of interest — the boyhood home of Mitt Romney, former governor of Massachusetts and possible contender for the office of U.S. president in 2012.

The 5,500 sq ft home is part of a gracious, tree-lined street in the Palmer Woods neighborhood of Detroit, which is home to doctors, lawyers, and execs from the auto industry’s heydey.

Romney’s parents, George and Lenore, owned the home from 1941 to 1953 and then moved, when Mitt was 5 years old, to the suburbs and the pricier locale of Bloomfield Hills. According to neighbors, the home has fallen into disrepair, but it is curious that this home is on the list to be razed. It seems to be located in a neighborhood that is relatively stable and the property values are relatively attractive compared to other areas of Detroit that are suffering from crime and blight.

One site is suggesting to perhaps save the home from the wrecking ball and preserve it in case Mitt does become president. Any takers?