Stand up straight! Tuck in your shirt! Mind your manners!

If there’s one thing most mothers carry in spades, it’s advice. Whether they’re exhorting us to eat our vegetables, or send thank you notes, moms have a tip for nearly every situation — even when it comes to buying a home.

In honor of Mother’s Day, we asked moms to share on our Zillow Facebook page the advice they gave their children when they were buying a home. Here are the few best tidbits.

Do any of them sound like something your mother would say?

Have Financial Sense

The most common bit of advice moms shared centered on their children’s financial well-being.

“Don’t confuse the highest quote a lender gives for you with how much you should spend on a house,” said Kristie Caron-White. “If you are pre-approved for a $150,000 house and you don’t have any other money saved, don’t look at $150,000 houses.”

Another tip? “Buy as if you have one income,” shared Melissa Nowak.

Overall, as summed up by Lisa Myers Gammill: “Buy what you can afford now… being house poor is not worth it.”

Do Your Research

From choosing a real estate agent to picking out the location for your dream home, many moms want first-time home buyers to do all the necessary legwork.

“Do your own research as to what the comps are in the market and really know the demographics of your neighborhood,” said Kameron Lavinder.

Dixie L. Henderson’s advice was similar.

“Do your homework,” she said. “This is the biggest investment in your future.  Pick a home which requires little immediate repair and can be resold, based on location, good school districts, walkability and security.”

Don’t Forget the Home Inspection

The perfect location and perfect home price won’t make up for a crumbling foundation or flooding basement.

“Write a contingency into the contract pending ‘your approval’ of the home inspection,” said Kathryn Hoffmann. “Then hire a CERTIFIED home inspector with experience and “errors and omissions” insurance, even for brand new homes.”

“Inspection, inspection, inspection!” reiterated Jennifer Brown.

So far, dozens have offered their motherly advice on real estate on our Facebook page. The comments show that some of the savviest minds reside in those we already knew we could count on!

(Thanks, mom! Now, can we talk down payment?  :)



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