‘Mosquito Police’ Using Zillow’s Aerial Maps to Find Pools at Foreclosed Homes

Two years ago, we wrote that foreclosures help to spread the West Nile Virus. How? When abandoned homes with swimming pools are left with water in it, untended, it creates the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes that carry the virus.

This problem is still making the news. According to The Californian.com, a second dead bird in the Salinas, CA, area was found that tested positive for West Nile. Authorities with the Northern Salinas Valley Mosquito Abatement District have asked residents to help report “… neglected swimming pools, hot tubs and ornamental ponds at bank-owned homes.”

Additionally, authorities are also using aerial mapping sites, such as Zillow’s Bird’s Eye View to help locate homes that have pools. The view from above certainly helps to cover more ground.