Update (12/14/09): More New Yorkers show off their tiny apartments.


Original post:

Not many couples could live in complete harmony in a space the New York Post calls the “smallest apartment in the city,” but Zaarath and Christopher Prokop — plus their two cats — live in a 175-square-foot “microstudio” in Manhattan’s Morningside Heights.

Purchased for $150,000 three months ago, the co-op is 14.9 feet long and 10 feet wide and is on the 16th floor of a building on 110th Street, but, get this — it’s only accessible by a staircase from the 15th floor.

The couple has:

  • a queen-size bed (about 1/3 of their living space)
  • mini-fridge and hot plate (they don’t eat in very often)
  • one kitchen appliance (a cappuccino maker)
  • closet-sized bathroom with shower with sink and toilet (no long, luxurious baths here)
  • kitchen cabinets that are used for their clothing (they don’t eat here, remember?)

With a space this small, they jog to work, picking up their clothes along the way at various dry cleaners around the city and some clothes are kept in their offices.

Curbed figures they spent about $857 per square foot in one of the priciest cities in the world. The Zillow Home Value for Morningside is $641,600 and the median value per sq ft for Morningside is $726.

The Prokops plan to pay off their mortgage in two years and then plan to remodel by installing a Murphy bed and larger windows. Their only cost at that point will be a maintenance fee of $700 a month.

“It’s like having a rent-controlled apartment,” she said. “We’re going to own something in Manhattan in two years. How many people can say that? And we’re very happy doing more with less.”

(Photo courtesy NY Post)

  • henry

    make you a bet your going to see more small places like this beening bult in the larger citys across America ..for the space is just right for a single person or a couple with no kids ..

    in the future you are going to see apts like this more and more often beening bult and offer to rent or sale in larger city where space is going to be at a premium and the apts owner are going to be building in the building as much rental space they can get inside the building .

    for that space on one floor you can get maybe about 6 to 7 apts at the price tag-x-$.500 to 700.dollars per apt and let say two floors of this units along with two floors of regular mixed apts size of one to two bedroom sized units..

    plus we are really wasteing space inside a apt as it is for sleep and eat there and keep ourshelfs clean there ..the rest of the time we are out at work or doing something else

  • Dans

    lol, that’s quite crazy, but hey, they look happy. glad for them

  • Apartments for Rent in Victoria

    Apartments are usually small, but apartments are not usually that small. Would sooner rent that apartment.

  • Homes for Sale – Foreclosures – Real Estate for Sale

    $857/sq ft is a little ridiculous. Don’t know what they’re smiling about in the picture. They’ve just grossly over-paid for their home.

    Where I’m from, $150K buys you a 2 bedroom, 1,500sq ft home.

  • dry feet

    That seems pretty standard for New York

  • Mandy

    Don’t forget that’s New York! And I think that guys bought it just for laugh! It’s not an apartment that’s ridiculous closet for unnecessary things.

  • Fallon B

    In response to:
    Carl Stevens on December 13, 2009 8:56 pm

    I could never live in that small place… though I live in hotel rooms half of the year. Anyway, I would need a place to sit down other than the bed. I like an easy chair or a couch at least. My master bedroom is bigger than that. In fact, I just went down and measured my master bathroom… it’s even bigger than that! Plus $700 a month maintenance fee?!? My 3000 square foot, two story, four bedroom house here Orlando costs us about $1100 a month with our mortgage. New Yorkers never cease to amaze me with all their “I Love NY” stickers, hats and T-shirts. I travel to NY about three times a year. I absolutely do not see the attraction.

    Native New Yorkers are not the ones walking around with I love NY stickers and T-shirts…it’s the moronic tourist wanna-be New Yorkers buying that garbage! Just like you don’t see Native Orlando folk walking around in Mickey Mouse ears! You would think a well-traveled business person like yourself would be a tad less ingorant.

  • furnished apartments Dubai

    This is ridiculous! How can they live in such a tiny place.

  • henry

    it not that hard to live in such a small place .. think about the time you would spend in such a small space in a day in life.

    for you basically sleeping and fixing basic meals there along with takeing a shower and cleaning up for work .. the rest of the time your out of the house with work and other things going on in your life..

    your only really spending about 10 hours a day in the place for 9 hours a day you at work and 1 to 2 hours a day of travel to and from work depends on where you liveing inside the city and how the packed the subways system is packed to your stop.. then on the weekends it out doing things like the movies and library or other things in one life . so your ar not really spending that much time inside the place..

  • Futon

    This apartment is amazing and so small, kind of impressed and not.

  • driveway alert system

    very nice department but I like a larger one.

  • Chris

    That is pretty and small.

  • Gabriel Window Cleaning

    The apartment might be a little small but the home still looks very nice. Very surprizing, I would think you would have to have small parties.

  • J. Kyle

    They should sublet part of it to help with the mortgage.

  • Mannatech

    Wow! and I thought a 500sq foot place was small!

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