(Photo courtesy CNN’s AC360)

Here’s an amazing story out of Texas of a house that survived Hurricane Ike.

Aerial coverage from CNN for the past few days has shown one, lone yellow house in Gilchrist, TX, that remains standing while other homes around it were obliterated by the hurricane a week ago.  Then, through CNN’s iReport feature, a helicopter pilot named Ray Asgar posted his iReport , which shows the house. Comments soon started getting snippy, saying the photo wasn’t “real,” it was Photo-Shopped (God was drawn into the discussion as well — you have to read them). Soon, a woman using the sign-in of “Kelley1″ jumped in and said the house is real and it’s her sister’s house! She even supplied photos, which Anderson Cooper’s AC360 Blog nicely wraps up with this must-see before and after shot of the house.

  • Brett

    Brett Shaw from Cyberhomes:

    Wow! Who is the builder? The before and after does show some damage, but the home is completely salvageable. Plus, you won’t have to worry about annoying neighbors for awhile. That is simply amazing.

  • Vern Lewis

    This is a classic example of the value of building to withstand storms on the GC. Why does not the Insurance industry give credits for this type construction?? Seems to me that the increased costs of construction will be well worth it, if entire coastal communities would follow the same guidelines! Shame on the insurance companies for being so short-sighted. I bet they would like to be paying out a lot less for those homes that have simply disappeared.

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  • Karen

    This can be done in Photoshop. I can not believe that he could resist. Who is builder? For him posited a Prize.

  • Palmdale Homes for Sale

    That is hilarious. The first thing I thought of was that it could have been Photoshopped and then I read that some people thought it was. I’m sure it was nice that this house was left standing, but where did the grocery store go and how far are you going to have to drive to get to civilization if that’s your house? Whatever the case, I’m glad that at least one house made it. What an interesting story.

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