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With experts across the globe spending January analyzing Obama’s performance during his first year in office, we thought we’d join in and analyze what we here at Zillow know best: His current home.

We first gave the White House a Zestimate in January 2009 as the Obama family was preparing to take residence. At that time, we estimated it was worth $308 million, based on the home’s physical attributes (132 rooms! 55,000 square feet!), historical value and housing performance in the local Washington, DC market.

Today, as President Obama prepares to mark his first anniversary in office, our estimates put White House at a bit less: $292.5 million, a drop of $15.6 million, or 5.1 percent from last January.

But it’s not all bad news for the country’s most famous home. Just like most homes across the U.S., the White House’s decline in value over the past year was not as dramatic as it was the previous year. From January 2008 to January 2009, we estimate the White House lost almost $24 million in value, or 7.2 percent.

It’s a trend that’s playing out over much of the country. According to our latest data, the November Zillow Home Value Index for the United States fell 5 percent year over year. Not great, but consider how far it fell during the previous 12 months: 11.9 percent.

In the Washington DC metro area, the Zillow Home Value Index fell 3.6 percent from November 2008 to November 2009. That showed marked stabilization from the previous year, when it fell 15.6 percent.

A few of the White House’s attributes: It has 132 rooms, 55,000 square feet, 18 acres, 16 family-guest rooms, an underground bunker, three kitchens, three elevators and 28 fireplaces. See more details on the White House or see last year’s blog post, “What is the White House Worth?”

  • DavingDirect

    No, I agree, the banks need to release more money to borrowers.

  • Cricket Balls

    How do you value the White House? Its priceless surely?

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  • Edward D.

    I have voted for Obama, but i don’t like his plans at all now.

  • Palmdale homes

    That is one huge house! If the White House ever were to go up for sale, imagine how many friends and family one person could accommodate there? Plus the square footage is amazing. I don’t doubt that the Zestimate is close to the value of the house.

  • Nose

    If we closed the boarders and stopped people from coming into this country for 10 years, we might just have a more economically sound and safer country from terrorist. As long as there are open borders we will never be safe from terrorist.

  • San Jose movers

    At that time, we estimated it was worth $308 million, based on the home’s physical attributes (132 rooms! 55,000 square feet!)

    That was a great estimation.

  • Property Management Marbella

    Surely it’s priceless.

  • Plasma cutters

    Barack Obama, Such a great leader to talk about.And I don’t want to fix a price because it is priceless.

  • new home building guru

    China now owns it.

  • MKD

    Have any of you been paying attention? He is A SOCIALIST!! He was to take from those of us that work hard for everything we have and give it to the LAZY unwilling to work for what they want. Because that is what the PROGRESSIVE DEMS like Harry Reid and Pilosi want to do. Now they are losing the control of the house of Reps., Obama is folding like a cheap suit. He IS NOT the LEADER he put himself up to be.
    Does anyone remember the “Jet contrail” that appeared off the coast of CA on Nov 8th. While Obama was out of the country running around in the AirForce One. The Chinese govement fired a test missile 30 miles off the coast from L.A. at NORAD to see if we would do anything about it. We were all told that it was a Jet contrail. No, it was the trail of the misile that was fired from a chinese sub. The prisident did nothing, but cover it up. He has NO BUSINESS being the Prsident of this country. Reid and Pilosi need to ran out of this country on the same RAIL that he should be on.

    Wake up people!! We are on are way to SOCIALISM. Fight back for the United States. Demand that the boarders be CLOSED UP!! Get the ILLEGALS OUT. No more amnisty for anyone. If the parents are illegal then so is the children they have here.
    This is the ONLY COUNTRY where those that come here LEGAL OR ILLEGALY that have a child who is NOW a citizen of this country. No other country on this planet will allow that to happen. Why should we.

    Why should we allow anyone that never paid a penny into S.S.I., be granted amnisity & then be allowed to collect it and get Medicare. When people that are U.S. born American’s have worked most of their lives can’t collect SSDI or Medicare. That’s why the system is broke. Because we are the ONLY country that would allow that to happen. You don’t see ANY OTHER country taking in the 3rd world population & giving them a free ride while their own countrymen suffer. Why should we? Those days are GONE. WE ARE NOT THE WORLD! That was a SOCIALIST song to make them lure us into the Socialist ways while making us feel good about what Sh*t they were feedding us. It stasrted to realy show it’s face then. Just noone would see it.
    We can no longer take care of the world alone and that is what we have been expected to do. That is most of the problem here. Now we have the SOCIALIST/PROGRESSIVES/LIBERALS/DEMS like Reid, Pilosi & Obama runnig a muck to tell us that they KNOW WHAT IS BEST FOR US. Like we are the children that they alone can or have to take care of. Do you think that you are a child that needs the goverment to take care of you? Then move to RED CHINA. Let them tell you how to live, where you can live, what/how much you get to eat, what to wear, how many children to have. Oh, let’s not forget – if you cansee a real DOCTOR or if you need to just suffer until you DIE. Go, GET OUT PLEASE!!
    Or, Fight back to the socialist ways.

  • surprises

    nothing about to surprised ;)!

  • Approved Moving

    MKD, that was quite a rant. What makes you so sure it was a Chinese sub and not the contrail of a daily flight from Hawaii that is seen every day?

  • MKD

    Are you kidding? That contrail come from the WATER not from the HORIZON. If you lived on Catalina island, you would have seen where that it DID NOT come from the horizon. But, from just a few miles away. Catalina island is 26 miles from L.A.. The missle came from just around 30 miles from L.A.. You do the math. Besides the contrail off a jet liner from Hawaii would be on the decenting part of the flight. Before you speak of that, next time look at a jet contrail. The only time a jet leaves a contrail is in mid flight, because of the altitude. Know how a contrail is made. Before you speak.
    That is all I can tell you about the MISSLE that was fired from a CHINESE SUB off the coast of SOCAL.

    This is my point all you got from that whole blog posting is about the missle. My main point was to get people to pay attention to the one “BEHIND THE CURTAIN”. Obahma, Reid, Pelosi and all THE LIBERALS/PROGRISSIVES/SOCIALISTS DEMS. That think “They know what the people want, NOT THE PEOPLE THEMSELVES”. Are you kidding me. The only thing you got out of that was about the MISSLE!
    You must be one of the bleeding heart LIBERAL SOCIALIST DEMS that think that how they (politicians) are treating the people is perfectly fine. Like we are ALL CHILDREN. THAT ONLY THEY KNOW HOW TO TAKE CARE OF US.
    I don’t want the goverment telling me how to live or where, what to eat or wear, what to drive or when I can, what job I can do or have. THAT IS A SOCIALIST GOVERMENT. THIS COUNTRY IS A REPUBLIC. Most of you make the mistake because the goverment(Dems & Repubs alike) keep saying that we are A DEMOCARCY. SAY YOU “PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE”. You’ll see what I mean.

    This is my point. That most(85%) of the poeple of this country are BLIND OR STUPID to what is happening in this country.
    You don’t see any othere COUNTRY taking in the number of people that the U.S. takes in or even allowing to take any JOBS from their citizens. Now we have over crowded schools that are not teaching even the basics to our children, let alone making us competitive in the world. Because we have 2 generations of morons or fools(I can’t decide which). We are destended to FAIL!
    UNLESS we do something about it!! We must start with the goverment because that is the head of this snake.
    This includes ALL local goverment(CITY/COUNTY/STATE).
    All the way to the schoolboards and teachers.
    Almost EVERY state is in free fall with their budgets. That is because of POOR PLANNING. They too, (like all of those that over spent in the real estate market) are out of money or BANKRUPT. Start with the state employees- cut their benefits(especialy retirement benefits) by at least a third. Do away with ALL “Teachers/State/City employee Unions”. We “the people” can NOT afford what is NOT WORKING. That would be a GREAT START!!!

    Get the BOARDERS SEALED UP! People are NOW starting to hear about the possiblity that someone other than MEXICANS are crossing the southern boarder. It’s been going on for more than 6 years. I live in AZ, I know!!

    Next, if the country can’t afford to start deporting ALL the ILLEGALS then, start a self- deportation process. Cut them off from having ANY JOBS. Start putting a 5% fee on ALL FORIGN WIRE TRANSACTIONS(western union/?). Most of the illegals don’t pay taxes anyway. That fee alone from EVERY state would pay for the deportation of EVERY ILLEGAL IN THIS COUNTRY!! ALl 12-25+ Million of them!
    Then cut them off from all healthcare,educations, birth certificates for “Anchor Babies”. Stop giving them FOODSTAMPS, Medicare, low income housing or ANY Welfare of ANY TYPE. If they can’t get a “FREE RIDE” then, they won’t stay here.
    They claim “WE OWE THEM” ALL OF THESE THINGS. Well, with that logic then YOU OWE ME THESE THINGS!! I should never have to work a day in my life nor should my children, grandchildren & so on!
    That’s how this country has to pass on the NATIONAL DEBT to ALL of our grandchildren and great- grandchildren. Well hell, if no one works then how will then National Debt get PAID. It won’t! WE WILL BECOME THE PROPERTY OF CHINA!!!

    The thought of world wide open boarders and only 1 type of money won’t happen. Look at the EU with the “Euro”. It’s failing to work. The EU is falling apart at the seams. Country’s a going bankrupt. Next they WILL start to deport all non-citizen people & stop allowing people into their country’s. The country’s that they have lent money to will be made to pay the loans at a faster pace so they can stay a float.

    All I am saying is ” PAY ATTENTION”. If you want things to get better in your own life, city county or state then get off your backside and support the CUTS that have to made in your community or goverment.
    If you want your kids to get a better education in the public school system then, volunteer 2 times a month for each kid you have in the schools.
    Support the city counsels, county boards and state budget cuts that NEED to be made.

    Don’t just whine about the losses or sacrfices that YOU have to make. Don’t just accept that they are increasing the TAXES. Fight for the CUTS before taking a tax increase. Then see if they need to increase the taxes. Every city, county & state is wasting money or OVER paying someone for a job that in the private sector would pay much LESS. Stop the “Golden Parachutes” for retiring employees. A person that worked for a city from the age of 18 to the age of 43(25 years) Retiring with a 150K/yr plus life time gold healthcare. Then goes into the private sector and continues to work until the age of 60-65 then get another retirement package of 100k and is now abil to collect S.S. of 1200-1500/mo. Needs to come to an end. Also check with the city you live in, most city counsel members get a paycheck for serving just 1 FULL term in office, that includes gold healthcare plans. The same thing is happening at EVERY LEVEL OF OUR GOVERMENT(city/county/state/federal). Check it out. You’ll find that I am correct in most cases.

    My close to all this “RANTING” is this.


  • custom home building

    I still think China owns it now.

  • MKD

    Another person’s view from the “peanut gallery”.
    Do you want to just accept that CHINA owns it now?
    If so, PLEASE LEAVE this country. It is that attitude that I have been referring too. That “Let it happen” or “SO WHAT” attitude that has gotten us into this MESS. I’ll bet that most of you were born in the 1980’s. Those of you who were have NO IDEA what sacrifice means. Everything that you EVER WANTED was HANDED to you, without a care or concern of how you got to get what you wanted. Then, when you actually had to fend for your self’s you went running back to mommy & daddy with your hands out saying”GIVE ME because I deserve it & you owe me”. That’s where those that were raised in what I call the “TIME-OUT” generation have NO IDEA what it will take to keep this country “FREE”.
    I am truly afraid when that generation take the wheel an is left to run this country. We will have no freedom or rights left. They will ALLOW the LIBERAL-SOCIALIST to take over. So that can be the CHILDREN again and be lead around by the nose. Being told everyday how they will live their lives. OMG, I hope & pray that I am gone from this earth when that happens. Maybe it’s all right that like of Obama, Reid & Pelosi have their way with this government. Who the HELL CARES!! I guess that my generation is a dieing breed. Maybe this generation will be the LAST TRUELY FREE generation. How SAD for what once was a “TRUELY GREAT CONTRY”. So long to the good fight. Fair well to freedom, liberty & justice for all. Every American that has died for this country and for what it once stood for was a WASTED LIFE. All the way back to “Our Founding Fathers”. WHAT A WASTE!
    That is what this country has come to.


    I’m sure that your grandparents would be PROUD of the way their lives were wasted on such a generation that would so EASILY give up on the freedom that they sacrificed for the future generations to just THROW AWAY!!!

    ARE YOU PROUD OF WHAT YOU WILL DO FOR YOUR CHILDREN AND GRANDCHILDREN. What you will leave to them and the future generations to come.

    I’m NOT! I think that ALL of the TIME-OUT generation is a pitiful excuse for adult Americans. That generation has only concerned themselves with the environment. They have never cared about the sacrifices that past generations have made so they could have ONLY the “environment” to worry about.
    The “Time-Out” generation only want what they want to have & have NO CONCERNS or CARE about how to get it!

    I’ll PRAY that you ALL “See the forest through the trees”. Those trees that you so desperately want to save.

    I’ll pray for you all.
    With that said. I will not write another blog here because you are all a lost cause.

    SO LONG!!!

  • Bay Area movers

    It’s not all up to Obama, he is doing a great job he is actulally picking up the pieces that Bush left behind!

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