Geraldine Colucci

Property Manager Spotlight – Geraldine Colucci, Equitable Property Management

Read about how one property manager grew her business from managing seven properties to almost 200.

apartment landscaping

Stress-Free DIY Residential Landscaping Ideas

Here are simple, cost-effective landscaping ideas to add interest and design to a property without costing yourself extensive time and money.

budget kitchen remodel

Budget-Friendly Kitchen Updates for your Rental Property

All renovations are planned with a budget in mind, so here are some cost-friendly improvements to bring your rental property’s kitchen into the 21st century.

Surprising Ways LinkedIn Can Help You Stay Connected With Past Clients

Surprising Ways LinkedIn Can Help You Stay Connected With Past Clients

LinkedIn is more than an online resume shop, it’s a useful tool to connect with your past clients.

apartment staging

Common Staging Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Here are some common staging mistakes that can throw off the look and feel of a space, and easy solutions to fix them.

senior housing

How Property Managers Can Attract Senior Renters

The following guidelines will provide some tips and advice for property managers renting to senior citizens.


Zillow to Power U.S. Real Estate Listings For Leju, China’s Second Largest Real Estate Website

Zillow has entered into an exclusive agreement to power the U.S. home search experience for the Chinese real estate website, Leju.

Zillow Advice

Get In, Get Out: How to Participate in Real Estate Forums

Online real estate forums are a terrific place to learn, share your expertise and possibly grow your business.

apartment scent marketing

Apartment Trends: Customized Scents

The newest rental trend is creating customized scent to brand properties and improve prospective renters’ impression of a home.

Bev Blume, Portland, OR Real Estate

Top Real Estate Agent: Bev Blume, Portland, OR

This successful Portland, OR real estate agent finds joy in handing the keys over to her clients, many of whom refer to her as an extension of their family.