apartment showing with pets

Tips for Showing a Pet-Occupied Property

It’s important to work with your residents during the showing process so you come to a solution that works for all animals and humans involved.

apartment showing

How to Turn Apartment Showings into Leases

When you meet potential residents face to face, how are you selling yourself – and the unit – during the property showing?

Zillow Pre Market Data

Tips for Agents Using Zillow Pre-Market Data

Premier Agent Samer Kuraishi shares his tips and suggestions for using pre-market data from Zillow to increase business.

rental natural disasters

Disaster Preparation Tips for Property Managers

Here are a few easy steps that will save property managers time, money, and a whole lot of aggravation in the event of a disaster.

Geraldine Colucci

Property Manager Spotlight – Geraldine Colucci, Equitable Property Management

Read about how one property manager grew her business from managing seven properties to almost 200.


3 Tips for Your Sellers This Spring

Zillow asked agents and interior designers from around the country for tips to help sellers make their homes stand out on the market.

Real estate agent showing brochure in front of house

Local Real Estate Agents: Teammate or Competitor?

How can two agents with different goals work together to achieve what is best for both their clients?

apartment landscaping

Stress-Free DIY Residential Landscaping Ideas

Here are simple, cost-effective landscaping ideas to add interest and design to a property without costing yourself extensive time and money.

Spirit Messingham Tucson Real Estate

Top Real Estate Agent: Spirit Messingham, Tucson, AZ

Tucson, AZ agent Spirit Messingham helps educate his clients about the home buying and selling process.

budget kitchen remodel

Budget-Friendly Kitchen Updates for your Rental Property

All renovations are planned with a budget in mind, so here are some cost-friendly improvements to bring your rental property’s kitchen into the 21st century.