3 Advantages to Building a Real Estate Website for Rentals

Advantages to rental real estate website

On the fence about building a rental real estate website for yourself or brokerage? Take plunge and build it. With so many prospective renters out there scouring the internet for rental units, you need to make sure you and your properties are found first, in front of your competitors. A rental real estate website will help assert yourself as a successful, professional business to tenants.

Don’t worry about making flashy websites; Sticking to a basic rental website can help rack in more prospective renters. Know the benefits a website can bring to your rental real estate business.

Advantage #1: Control your online business info.

If prospective renters Google your name or your business’s name, what are the first few results? If you don’t have a website, it will most likely be a Facebook page, a business listing or a business review. These sites show some information about your rental business, but doesn’t show them what available properties you have. Worst of all, it’s less likely to getting you a closed lease.

Building your own website will help point researching tenants to the most accurate information on your rental business; a site written by you. If you have your available properties listed on your website, you’re making it easier for them to start searching for rentals. Not only will they be looking through available units, they’ll be YOUR units.

Advantage #2: They’ll be looking at your units only.

Most, if not all, of your property listings are posted on Craigslist. If creating a great subject line wasn’t hard enough, getting rental hunters to click to apply for your unit is even harder. The problem is once a prospective tenant starts searching Craigslist for a new rental property, most Craigslist listings are a dead end. Meaning, once a renter opens a listing, there’s nowhere else to click unless you plan to e-mail. 

With a rental website, you can add your link to all of your postings, redirecting them to your website. Once they’re on your website, all of your rental properties will be at their fingertips in one place.

Advantage #3: You’ll be respected professionally.

Let’s face it – all professional businesses have a website. If you want your rental real estate business to be taken seriously by renters, a website is a must. If prospective tenants can’t easily find your business online, they may question your integrity. That’s an unnecessary hurdle for your rental business.