4 Reasons Your Social Media Isn’t Working for Your Rental Business

Social media isn't working for rental business

Photo credit: wlodi (Flickr)

Many rental professionals start social media accounts to help aggregate leads and build a better online presence. When they first launch them, some go through a honeymoon phase. They’re ambitious with planning out these new marketing channels, but once they get their hands into building them, the thrill dies down quickly.

When you don’t see a return on your social media accounts, it can be very frustrating and disappointing. Don’t throw in the towel just yet! Keep working at it.

Here are some reasons why your social media isn’t working as well as you’d like:

Reason #1: Your social media is collecting dust.

Unfortunately, you can’t launch social media presences and expect them to explode with activity. Social media requires time and effort. You actually need to log in frequently and work in these channels in order for them to work.

Reason #2: Your network is weak.

What the use of posting interesting information up when there’s no one to hear you? Imagine giving a speech in an empty room. Yeah, it’s like that. If you’re posting to your social media accounts and you have a small network, naturally, there won’t be many people reading your posts. You need to invite or add people to connect if you want anyone to hear you.

Reason #3: You’re not engaging in the conversation.

One issue many rental professionals deal with is that they treat social media as a one-way street. They post information like their available units, but never respond to anyone or engage with other users. In the realm of social media, this is seen as self-serving—you want other people to click and read your posts, but it’s not obvious you do the same.

Reason #4: You’re not consistent.

You posted twice this week, and the time before that was two months ago. And the time before that? Three months ago.

To see a return on your social media, you need to actually use them. If you’re inactive and unsocial on your social media accounts, no one is going to socialize with you.

When you post regularly, meaning several times per week, and post interesting material (for example, local real estate news, pictures, or valuable articles), you’ll peak the interest of your audience. Posting sparsely won’t put you on renters’ radar. If you want to be noticed on your social media sites, you’re going to have to be on top of their newsfeed. The only way to do that is to not ignore your social media accounts and post frequently.