5 Useful Types of Client Testimonials

useful client testimonials

Image by bschmove via Flickr

Client testimonials are powerful. They’re sincere, written by someone with first-hand experience with your service,  and when positive, help you build a good image for your business. Using customer reviews on your marketing materials can build your rental business’s credibility, but are you using the right reviews? Testimonials come in many different forms, and using one or two is more effective than featuring every good review that you receive. Here are some tips for selecting the client testimonials to feature on your website and brochures:

1. Use reviews that are specific. Testimonials that are vague don’t give any insight to your service. If you had to pick between “Renter Realty is excellent and has a very professional team” and “Renter Realty is awesome! They worked with me at every stage of my apartment search, accommodated my busy schedule, and really understood what I was looking for. With their help, I was able to find my bright and modern apartment in the Financial District. Would definitely work with them again!” Which would you choose?

Select a review that shows your business is excellent as opposed to outright saying it. A valuable comment will reveal more about your service with specific details.

2. Include questions. Use client testimonials to help answer prospective renters’ questions. Instead of addressing concerns yourself, hearing the answer from a previous customer will build trust in your business and move renters closer to using your service. A testimonial that explains why a customer used your service, how your fees are competitive, and how responsive your customer service is will answer a client’s questions while helping you build credibility in their eyes.

3. Use a review from a former skeptic. These types of reviews are very powerful because they show how you won over the trust of the customer. For example, “I’ve been a renter for 10 years and never thought I’d need to work with a broker. When I moved to New York, the rental market was so competitive that I decided to try it out. I was skeptical about whether or not the fee would be worth it, but I was surprised at how much simpler it made my housing search…”

Once again, as opposed to telling potential clients that you’re worth their time, a testimonial will come across as more genuine and reliable.

4. Don’t overlook reviews with personality. Reviews should be real, so don’t ignore reviews that use puns, involve a funny joke, or are more colloquial. Testimonials using informal language can be more effective than multiple formal reviews because they’re seen as original and genuine.

5. Don’t be selfish. If a former renter was considering another service before deciding to go with yours, don’t be afraid to post the review. After all, they’re explaining how you won out above the rest! Use your judgement – if the customer is completely satisfied with your business, there’s no harm in showing why you’re better than the competition.