5 Ways to Improve Online Customer Service

improve online customer service

Image by dlofink via Flickr

Having a web presence for your business is a requirement these days. Think of it this way: renters are researching listings, agents, and property managers at any given moment during the day. Your business is only open for about 8 hours. Funneling all those interested renters to your website means they can be informed about your business when you can’t physically be there to answer all their questions. Until you get back to them, how is your website displaying your business’s commitment to their needs? Offering great customer service doesn’t just mean picking up the phone, showing renters relevant listings, or paying out for 24-hour support services. Here are some simple ways you can give renters a more personalized experience without actually being there.

Be clear about your service. When renters arrive at your page, they want to know how your service can help them. Make sure you clearly express what you do, display updated listings, and provide and up-to-date outline of your fees. If renters can’t find what they want, they’re more likely to be frustrated with your business and take their time and money somewhere else.

Have a detailed FAQ page. Address common questions and concerns renters have about your service. Whether they’re asking about office hours, building maintenance, local neighborhood, use of common areas, pet policies, or consequences for late rent payments, answer the questions thoroughly. The FAQ section is the place your renters or residents can get their questions answered until you can get back to them.

Put a face to your business. Renters want to know exactly who they’re getting into contact with. On your “About” page, make sure you have a photo of yourself and your office staff. Make up for the lack of face-to-face interaction with a personal bios and office contact information.

Be accessible. Give renters more than just your phone number. Publicize your business’s email address, Twitter, and Facebook accounts. Having multiple forms of contact gives them the option of choosing how they want to get in touch. Set up a form in your website or a live chat option so renters can send you a message directly from the website. It’s all about making it simple for renters to contact you and have their questions answered.

Ask for comments and suggestions. Show renters you care what they think. Allow them to submit their feedback about your business so you can get a better understanding of your audience and know where to improve.