5 Ways to Use a Zillow Premier Agent Website

So you have your Zillow Premier Agent Website. (What? You don’t? Go here and get one. I’ll wait…)

Now, what do you do with it? Maybe you already have a website that is working well for you, and that’s a good thing. A Premier Agent Website is the perfect solution for adding a new site to your marketing toolbox and further enhancing your Web presence. One thing you can do is set up a Premier Agent Website to serve a niche market.

Some suggestions:

  • Create a site that focuses on a ZIP code
    The Diverse Solutions IDX provided with Premier Agent Websites have a feature built in that allows you to set up a home search for a single (or multiple) ZIP codes. Take advantage of that and build a website around a ZIP code. Talk about what is happening in your target ZIP Code. Help people get to know the area. Be the specialist.
  • Create a site for specific types of buyers
    You could focus your content on first time-buyers, those “buying up,” downsizers, second home buyers, investors, parents looking for a home for their college kids. I know agents that focus on working with clients in certain occupations — doctors, lawyers, engineers, teachers, first responders. If there is a large employer in your area you could build a site targeting relocating employees of that company (word of advice, be careful of using company logos without permission. Many are protected by copyright). There are a lot of possibilities out there.
  • Create a site that focuses on a specific type of home
    You can build a site and generate content around certain types of homes. Golf course homes, homes along mass transit lines, or waterfront homes. You could even do architectural styles like mid-century, Victorian, bungalows, modern, colonial, historical, new builds. Or home types like condos, duplexes or luxury homes. You get the idea.
  • Create a neighborhood level site
    It’s been often said that “people don’t buy a house, they buy a place to live.” How often have you heard a buyer client ask, “How’s the neighborhood?” Obviously you want to steer clear of Fair Housing issues, but you can certainly build a website that focuses on all the amenities a neighborhood has to offer. Talk about places to shop, restaurants, and activities in and around the neighborhood.
  • Create a niche site around what YOU know and love
    Are you a “car guy”? Build a site that caters to car guys. Movie buff? There are lots of those out there. Surfer? Hiker? Biker? Bowler, poker player, coach potato?
    Like attracts like and since you are writing about something you enjoy, the writing usually comes easier. People with similar interests are attracted to and like working with others that share their interests. You’ll have an instant connection. That’s a good way to start.

By using a narrow niche for your site, you can laser-focus on content. Niche sites are usually easier to get good rankings in search engines than “generic” sites that try to cover a large metropolitan area. There is typically much less competition for search terms like “mid-century modern homes in central Phoenix” than there is for the term “Phoenix real estate”. And searchers using those long-tail search terms are likely more focused than those using more generic and broad-based terms.

Jump on it. Get that Premier Agent Website up and running. Complete the easy setup steps, grab that free domain name (or use one you already have) and connect that IDX solution. Then just decide on a niche and go!