A Funny Thing Happened on My Way to Inman's Agent Reboot

Did anyone catch Letterman the other night? If so, you may have heard three references about “home values” from Dave himself, including the #7 spot on his Top Ten list (above).

Here’s what happened: I was on a lunch break during Inman’s Agent Reboot conference in New York and went for a walk. While passing the Ed Sullivan Theater, I saw people lining up for the taping of the “Late Show with David Letterman” and since I’m a huge fan of Letterman from my college years, I couldn’t resist. The next thing I knew I was seated inside, waiting for the show to begin.

As Dave often does, he came out about three minutes before the actual show to warm up the crowd. He asked for questions and I shot up my hand, already prepared to ask him my burning question (it was about CelebriGum). He quickly answered, then asked where I was from (Seattle). He then assumed I worked for Boeing (No). When told him, ‘I work for Zillow, a real estate website where you can learn the value of a home,’ he seemed to latch on to that sound byte because he went on to include three references in the show about home values with occasional camera shots of me, with my fellow audience members howling in delight.

During Dave’s monologue, he says, ““You know — we have a guy here tonight that can tell you the value of any home….” Then, later, Dave is sitting at his desk, grabs his head and says, “Hold on — I’m finding the value of a home.”

What’s very impressive is that Letterman’s writers went to the effort of working in the home value mention in #7 of his coveted Top Ten list, which was “Little Known Facts About Tim Tebow.” Yup, that is the camera panning to me after Dave reads #7. (Hey Dave — we name-dropped Tim Tebow at Zillow, too. He was voted the Most Desirable Celebrity Neighbor for 2012“).

Seeing a Letterman show in person was on my bucket list and the added bonus was it was also my 15 minutes of fame where Zillow got some exposure. All in all, a great way to spend a lunch break.

Now, back to work.

(Photos courtesy Late Show with David Letterman)