A Guide to Expanding Resources in the Rental Industry

The rental industry is a space filled with as many new professionals as seasoned ones, and they all deal with a constantly changing clientele. That means the tastes and preferences of the renting public, and especially the ways to reach them, are constantly changing too. So whether or not you’re a broker or a property manager, or a real estate agent looking to get in the game, current trends matter more and more to stay on top. If you’ve had years of experience, or if you’re completely green, this guide will help you gain a better understanding of the tools at your disposal.

It used to be that you could only get information from respected print publishing outlets, but these days there are many more ways to get in the know. This is an advantage and, at the same time, a burden. If you stay current, you have a lead over peers who fell behind the times in rental trends. But it’s necessary to invest time researching how the rental industry changes, how renters’ needs change, and how renter demographics change in real time. This guide will lay out for you the resources you can use to stay on top of the industry, and we will give suggestions about which resources to start with for each category.

To start figuring out where and how to get the latest information in rentals, download a copy of our free guide, How to Become an Instant Expert in the Rental Industry.