A Tale of Two Listings. Mobile Matters.

Imagine this scenario …

A home buyer is driving around a neighborhood, scoping out potential homes. (Not so hard to imagine, is it?)

They stop by a lovely home with a for-sale sign in the yard. They whip out their iPhone, Android, or whatever is their smart phone of choice, fire up a real estate search app, and enter the address. (Also not so hard to imagine, is it?) This is what they see on their screen:

“Huh,” they say to themselves. Maybe they jot down the agent’s name and number from the sign. Maybe they jot down the address to search more when they get home. Maybe they call the agent on the sign.

Or, maybe they just drive down the street to the next home for sale and see this on their mobile device:

Now they can look at 17 full-screen photos, they know the list price, the square footage, the number of beds and baths, when it was built, the pricing history, the property tax history, and recent comparable sales.

With one click they can get a map that shows nearby schools and restaurants.

They can save the listing, make notes, even share the listing via email, Twitter or Facebook.

“Hey honey, how about this one?”

All that from the comfort of the front seat of their car, without ever stepping out into rain, snow, sleet, hail, blistering heat, or whatever the case may be.

That’s the power of having your listing on a website with a top-rated mobile app.

Where do home buyers start?

Some will say that every home buyer goes through Google.

Not necessarily.

If you don’t think home buyers are using mobile search apps, think again. In April, 150 million homes were viewed on Zillow Mobile – that’s 58 homes per second*.

Each month, more homes are now viewed via Zillow on a mobile device than on the Web.

Shouldn’t your listing be on Zillow’s Mobile platforms?

Think you can’t afford it?

Sure you can. It’s free.

Personally, I used to think the “You’ve got to be on mobile!” mantra was more overhyped, next-greatest-thing-ever that was going to fix all my real estate woes nonsense. Then I watched as mobile access to my own real estate site increased to well over 20% of visitors (and that’s on a non-mobile optimized site). Then I looked at my iPhone and realized the VAST majority of my interaction with it, and I spend significant time on my iPhone, was via native apps.

“Go mobile!” isn’t just hype. It’s the real deal. Consumers are there, and I am 100% convinced your listings need to be there too.

As always, I’m here to help, or discuss this further. Drop me a line at JayT AT Zillow DOT com and let’s chat mobile!

* Source: Google Analytics, April 2012

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