Add This Tool to Your Arsenal: Zillow Mortgage Marketplace iPhone App

There’s a new app in town and it’s already making an impression in the lending community, with consumers, and at the Apple iTunes store. We launched the new Zillow Mortgage Marketplace iPhone app last week. I’ve had the chance to run a few of the mobile features, and already I can see why it’s being called one of the best free mortgage, finance, and calculator apps.

What’s so cool about a mortgage calculator app?

  • The new app offers some really easy-to-use features and calculators. The payment calculator is pretty common on most of these types of apps but the user-interface is what makes it easy and unique.
  • The affordability calculator is a one-of-a-kind tool that I was drawn to instantly for obvious reasons, and I think this will be a popular and commonly used tool in this app.
  • The refinance calculator and current rates features are perfect for someone on the go like me who is looking for information that can help me lower my payments, get a more suitable loan, possibly refinance, and do it all from the local coffee shop while checking my email and between text messaging my clients and kids.

Some features and benefits for agents:

  • Great tool for agents because it makes them more efficient in two specific ways: 1. It allows agents to show homes their clients can actually afford; 2. It helps move their clients through the purchase process and secure financing.
  • Allows agents and professionals to track mortgage rates in real time. Knowing what’s happening with mortgage rates is an important way to enhance credibility as real estate advisers and to make informed recommendations to their clients when rates drop and when it might be a better time to buy.
  • Streamlines the process of getting your customers pre-approved and have their offers taken seriously by borrowers as contacting a lender is just a click away.

Some features and benefits for lenders:

  • Allows you to get in front of a whole new set of users you wouldn’t have access to otherwise.
  • Lenders are able to connect with highly qualified borrowers who are likely ready to transact, since they’ve already compared quotes, profiles, and lender ratings and have decided to proactively reach out to a selected lender.

Since we know that those “on the go” always want tools and info at their fingertips, the new Mortgage Marketplace iPhone App will be perfect for anyone who needs instant access to information, data, and calculators that will be beneficial to their financial freedom.


Keeping up with all the technology, tools, and apps out there is a full time job for guys like me. I’m looking forward to sharing whatever I find, like, use, and think will benefit you or your clients!

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