Adding Widgets to Premier Agent Websites

Zillow’s Premier Agent Websites come with the ability to easily add real estate and text/HTML widgets. Widgets are tools and content that can bring additional value to your readers, subscribers, and potential prospects.  Adding a widget to your website only takes seconds and is a simple drag-and-drop process.

“MAP LISTINGS WIDGET”                                 “SEARCH LISTINGS WIDGET”

To Add a Widget To Your Site:

1. Go to your Premier Agent Website dashboard.
2. Hover your mouse over the “Appearance” button and select the “Widgets” link.
3. Select the area where you want your widget to appear on the right side of page.
4. Drag and drop the widget of your choice onto the sidebar.
5. Click the “save” button in the lower right corner of the widget.

Now, go preview your site and the widget will appear in the desired location. You’re done!

Widgets can provide professional looking powerful tools and services for your readers and website visitors. Each widget offers its own useful features and unique characteristics. There are a variety of widgets currently available for Premier Agent Websites, many having the ability to be customized. (see below)

Advanced Widget: You can also use the available Text/HTML widget for creating and adding customized links, iFrame or text widgets, even video to any available location on your Premier Agent Website.
(Some HTML and embedding experience required for using this particular widget and feature)

We’ve created and added some “one-minute” training videos for Premier Agent Website users.  You’ll find a growing archive library of them located on the ZillowPros Youtube Channel.