Agent Reviews: Why They Matter

We launched agent ratings and reviews a few weeks ago and word is spreading quickly. Thousands of reviews are already in and many agents are getting 4- and 5-star ratings and ringing endorsements tacked onto their profiles. Some agents are left asking why they should care and others are asking what they need to do to get started.

Endorsements are a powerful marketing tool

Everywhere you look, reviews are dominating the online world. Whether you seek ratings and reviews to help choose which restaurant to go to or which book to buy or what movie to see, people want to know. Real estate is no different. Reviews are not only a great way to highlight your skills as an agent, but they also equip consumers with the information and confidence they need when picking an agent. Over the next few months, these endorsements will become a marketing powerhouse for agents. If you’re an agent, your ratings and reviews will start coming in from past clients, whether you seek them or not. If you’re a consumer, when it comes to selecting between an agent with a multiple-star rating and one without, which one would you choose?

Getting reviews from past and current clients is easy:

First, log in to your Zillow profile and click “Request a review” link. From this form, you can send your review request in one of three ways (see graphic below):

  1. Email each client individually
  2. Send a standard message to multiple clients (up to 50), OR
  3. Copy a direct link that you can send to clients through your corporate email, Facebook or Twitter

With thousands of reviews already in, chances are agents in your area are taking part. Make sure you don’t get left behind.

If you’re a consumer, get in the action by looking up your agent in the Zillow Directory and submitting a review.

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