And the Agent Vacation Sweepstakes Winner is…

Zillow extends a big holiday season CONGRATS to Armand Roux, an agent with Real Estate Buy the Coast in Myrtle Beach, SC. Armand was the grand prize winner of a $5,000 getaway in our recent, Agent Vacation Sweepstakes.

We asked Armand how he heard about the sweepstakes. Facebook? Twitter?

Nope, it was good, old-fashioned email!

Armand Roux Pic

Zillow for Pros Agent Vacation Sweepstakes winner Armand Roux and his wife.

Armand said, “I heard about the sweepstakes through a Zillow email. I get a weekly update for listing views. I never win anything so thought, ‘let’s give it a try.’ Ninety-nine percent of people are coming through the Internet. I read all the emails I get.”

There’s a $5,000 tip for you — read your email, because you never know what you’ll find there!

Armand was willing to share how he deals with Internet leads.

“Stay on top of things and your leads. Leads that come from the Internet – if they don’t leave me a phone number — the best way is for me to send them something encouraging to let them know the best way I can help is if they talk to me. I’m not a pressure guy because I don’t have anyone pressuring me. I tell them – ‘I keep up with my clients’ and instead of just buying them a gift I’ve gone over and cut their grass or helped them move in. So they know I’m not just in it for the buck.”

In other words, seek the appointment, don’t just focus on the payday.

Wondering what Armand is going to do with his check for $5,000?

His first response was, “I have a wife.” That was followed quickly with, “We’re taking our 3-year-old son on a Disney cruise. He loves Mickey Mouse! Also, I’m planning on investing the remaining amount into getting started with Zillow.”

And he has! Armand is a freshly minted Zillow Premier Agent. That certainly wasn’t a requirement for entering/winning the sweepstakes, but Armand knows agents that have been successful using Zillow.

“I have a friend and y’all are making him very wealthy. He’s killing it and all because of Zillow. Top 2 percent in Columbia, NC. We met in broker school. I’m in Myrtle Beach. He keeps telling me you need to update your profile, get this thing on Zillow.”

So he did!

Congrats, Armand, enjoy the Disney cruise, and your new Premier Agent status!