Agents: Get Zillow’s New Mortgage Calculator Widget

Agents: We’d like to give you a heads up about a new mortgage calculator widget we specifically designed and created for you to use on your site, for free.

The widget provides an easy-to-use mortgage calculator so that visitors to your site can help figure out their monthly mortgage payments — without leaving your site. The calculator uses the latest rates from Zillow Mortgage Marketplace.

Not only does the calculator have a graph that updates dynamically, but it also includes advanced reports branded with your photo, company, name, and contact info from your Zillow profile (see screenshot, above).

Benefits of installing Zillow’s new mortgage calculator widget:

1) Increase site time — Visitors do not leave your site! You don’t have to click any buttons to compute the numbers, it is all automatic. Other widgets take users off your site, while our new widget opens any links in a new window to preserve your site’s traffic.

2) Co-branding – If a user asks for an advanced report, your photo and contact info will be front and center on a printable amortization table.

3) Design – Easy-to-read charts and friendly design make it a snap to use. Try it out.

>> Get your free mortgage calculator widget in any of the colors you see here: