Agents, Have a 'House of the Week'? Read This!

Al Capone’s House featured on the Zillow Blog

Back in the olden days (you know, seven months ago) when I was a practicing agent and broker owner, I longed for cool, unique and fun ways to showcase our client’s listings. Always a fanboy of getting exposure for our listings, and ultimately exposure for our brokerage, I looked high and low for opportunities to separate ourselves and our clients’ homes from the crowd.

Things like this…

Zillow House of the Week!

Real estate professionals, do you have a unique home — one with a story behind it — that you, or your seller, would like to see featured on Zillow and

Step right up then!

We’re looking for listing agents/brokers who want to share their unique listings with the masses. We’ll provide the videographer and some copy-editing help. You provide the photos and yourself telling the story. If the home/story is compelling, we’ll post it on the Zillow Blog, as well as for all to see!

We’re not looking for just any old home though. It needs to be … different.

  • The home must have a story behind it, either a historical or famous resident/owner/builder, highly unusual architecture features or another significant background.
  • Examples of past homes: A house with a moat that looked like a castle, the final home of Al Capone, a home built into a cave, a missile silo converted into a house
  • Homes will be evaluated to see if they fit Zillow and’s qualifications.

If you have a listing that you think fits being featured as the “House of the Week,” please email, and we’ll get back to you!

More details here (PDF file).

Here are some examples of Zillow’s House of the Week as featured on

Imagine the possibilities

You have a unique home. Your client wants it sold. Of course you do your thing and put the home in the MLS, complete with stunning images and snappy descriptive copy. You syndicate your listings to big giant websites with millions of visitors, like Zillow. But you need that unique differentiator. You need something different.

This. This is different. What seller in their right mind wouldn’t like to see their home featured — really featured — on a site like Maybe shared with the 327,000+ fans of the Zillow Facebook page. You KNOW your clients would be sharing those links with everyone they could. You know they’d love you even more than they already do if you pulled off this kind of exposure for their home.

So just do it. Email us with what you have, and we’ll be in touch!