Apartment Staging: Mixing Old with New

apartment staging style

suzettesuzette Source: Flickr

Maybe your apartment staging items don’t always fit in perfectly with the surroundings. When you have rental properties with different architecture and staging furniture that varies from contemporary to vintage, how can you mix them up so that you create a room that still “meshes?” The last impression you want to create is that of a messy, disorganized-looking space. However, mixing the old and new is doable and actually prevents your rooms (and décor) from looking dated. Here are some staging strategies that will help tie together all of your staging pieces and create a more complete look.

Use contrast to your advantage

It’s okay to put some IKEA pieces in the same room as a couch or table from the flea market. Pair an old dining table with a combination of newer chairs, or vintage side tables alongside a modern headboard. The contrast of glossy modern pieces next to distressed vintage will emphasize texture, but doesn’t necessarily have to be messy. Tie it all together with a uniform color scheme, contemporary photo frames, or coordinated sofa cushions and upholstery.

Stick to neutral colors

Painting your walls neutral shades will not only help potential tenants of all different styles make your unit home – neutrals also make a good base to start mixing staging pieces. Whether your staging items are distressed vintage, sleek modern, industrial, or a mix of them all, they’ll find harmony in a backdrop of white, cream, or beige walls.

Have a few pieces to match the architecture

Does the property’s interior architecture fit under Craftsman, Victorian, or Mid-Century? Bring unity into the space by using a few pieces of furniture from the period, and then adding more contemporary items like rugs, lighting, or photo frames. Mixing in newer items with period furniture will keep the space fresh, add character, and prevent renters from feeling as if they stepped into a time capsule.