Are You Listening To or Just Hearing Your Tenants?

Are you listening or hearing your tenants

Dicksijtsma (Flickr)

Are you listening to your tenants? Or are you merely hearing them?

There is a large difference between hearing and listening. As a rental professional, you need to be a listening expert. If you’re bad at listening to your residents, you could easily ruin your reputation and respect from them.

Here’s the major difference between the two: Hearing is simply receiving and acknowledging sound by ear, and listening is a conscious effort to understand what is being heard.

Rental professionals, especially landlords and property managers, frequently hear complaints and comments from renters. It becomes so easy to glaze over what they have to say. When all you do is hear your tenants, you’re also ignoring them.

Take a second to reflect on the last time you talked to a tenant. Do you remember what the person said? Did you take action following the conversation? If you answered “no” to both of these, you may need to brush up your listening skills.

Here are a few benefits of better listening skills in rental professionals:

Better feedback

When residents feel that they’re being heard, they’ll be encouraged to speak up more. Residents will feel more open to sharing their concerns with you, giving you the chance to improve upon yourself and your business.

Better reputation

Renters like good listeners. When rental professionals are good at listening, renters know that the business they’re bringing is valuable. Renters who receive negative experiences aren’t afraid to share it.

More money

Renters are likely to stick around when property managers and landlords listen to them and provide good service. Additionally, happy customers are more likely to give you good references, bringing you more business.