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Bob Bemis is Vice President, Partner Relations at Zillow. He builds bridges of cooperation with all of the participants in the real estate industry who can benefit from a closer working relationship with Zillow.

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    Corpus Christi Association of REALTORS Joins Zillow Partnership Platform

    The Zillow Partnership Platform was developed to help Zillow, multiple listing services and brokers work together to display accurate, complete and timely listing information.

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    Zillow Announces First zPro for Brokers Partners

    Due to the overwhelming response, we expanded the group to 15 brokers for the first phase of the program.

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    Listing Agents Benefit with New zPro for Brokers Program

    Today Zillow is announcing zPro for Brokers – a free, five-point program that will improve listings accuracy, benefiting brokers, agents and consumers, and provide greater visibility […]

  4. Zillow Partnership Platform: Designed for Shared Interests

    Zillow Partnership Platform: Designed for Shared Interests

    When I joined Zillow in March, my primary assignment was building bridges to the MLS and broker communities – talk with them and help them understand […]

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    Duane Fouts joins Zillow Team

    I am pleased to announce that Duane Fouts, formerly owner of Dan Schwartz Realty in Phoenix will be joining the Zillow team as director, partner relations […]

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    Jay Thompson Joins Zillow as Director of Industry Outreach and Social Media

    Today marks my 10th day here at Zillow, and as I mentioned in my last blog post, there’s an opportunity to effect major change in our […]

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    Bob Bemis: My First Day at Zillow

    It’s been a long time since I went to a new school.  I can remember the anxiety like it was yesterday.  New teachers to get to […]