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Brad Andersohn is the National Industry Outreach Manager for the Yahoo!-Zillow Real Estate Network. He's also the Director of Zillow Academy, a FREE online education and training platform for real estate professionals. Brad has over 27 years experience serving the real estate industry, and is always finding newer, faster, better, and more efficient ways to help clients and members get the job done.

  1. Frank McKinney on stage

    Webinar: Real Estate Survival to Thrival – The $50 Million Listing Strategy

    Join Frank McKinney, one of the most successful real estate investors in the nation, as he addresses real estate issues from a broker’s perspective.

  2. Agentfolio

    How to Collaborate With Your Clients Using Agentfolio

    Agentfolio streamlines communication about property listings so everyone is always up to date. Anyone can share listings, leave comments and add new listings.

  3. Zillow Agent Tools

    Real Estate Marketing - Free Zillow Tools for Agents

    Find out about the top 10 free real estate marketing tools you can use to maximize your exposure and real estate marketing efforts on Zillow.

  4. Listings on Zillow

    How to Post Your Real Estate Listings for Free on Zillow

    Stay competitive and meet your marketing goals by publishing your listings on Zillow’s website and mobile apps for free.

  5. Samer Kuraishi at Zillow Academy

    Tips and Tools for Today's Top Agents

    Zillow Premier Agent Samer Kuraishi from A-K Real Estate shares the tips and tools he used to close more than $100 million in 2013. Samer and his […]

  6. Zillow Pre Market Data

    Tips for Agents Using Zillow Pre-Market Data

    Premier Agent Samer Kuraishi shares his tips and suggestions for using pre-market data from Zillow to increase business.

  7. Peter Olsen

    Tips for Agents Using Twitter for Real Estate

    How do you sell homes on Twitter with only 140 character limit? Well, you probably don’t, but using Twitter for real estate is an option many […]

  8. Pete's Zillow Academy Presentation

    How to Optimize LinkedIn for Real Estate

    Special guest and Zillow Premier Agent Pete Sabine joined us this week at Zillow Academy to share with agents and other real estate professionals how they […]

  9. Zillow Tech Connect

    How to Set Up Zillow's Tech Connect

    Lead cultivation and lead generation ultimately result in lead conversion but only if you’re using a good contact management system (CRM) to maintain and manage your […]

  10. Zillow-Academy

    Special Guests Coming to Zillow Academy

    Check out new webinars to learn how to find leads through social media and convert contacts to clients.