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Brad Andersohn is the National Industry Outreach Manager for the Yahoo!-Zillow Real Estate Network. He's also the Director of Zillow Academy, a FREE online education and training platform for real estate professionals. Brad has over 27 years experience serving the real estate industry, and is always finding newer, faster, better, and more efficient ways to help clients and members get the job done.

  1. Zillow Make Me Move

    Zillow Make Me Move Tutorial (Video)

    Make Me Move listings present a fantastic opportunity for agents to pick up additional listings when approaching the property owners to schedule a preview of the home.

  2. Swanepoel Technology Report Cover PARTIAL

    Swanepoel, Guests Coming to Zillow Academy for Interview

    Stefan Swanepoel, a widely regarded visionary on real estate business trends and an author whose work has appeared on The New York Times’ Best Sellers list, will join Zillow Academy on Tuesday, Aug. 13 for a free one-hour live webinar.

  3. Jay-Thompson

    This Week at Zillow Academy: Jay Thompson on Lead Conversion & Blogging

    Jay Thompson will be hosting Zillow Academy next week , and he’ll be sharing and discussing two of the hottest topics in real estate right now: lead generation conversion and agent blogging tips.

  4. Swanepoel Technology Report Cover PARTIAL

    Stefan Swanepoel Technology Trends Interview [Recorded Webinar]

    In this interview and webinar, we asked Swanepoel numerous questions that directly impact you and your business, but at the same time share what some of the “2013 Swanepoel Technology Report” offers.

  5. Agentfolio

    Agentfolio Demonstration With Susan Daimler [Recorded Webinar]

    Agentfolio not only streamlines the home-buying process, it transforms a usually overwhelming experience into an efficient and joyful one.

  6. Zestimate Image

    This Week at Zillow Academy: Dissecting the Zillow Zestimate

    The purpose of this training session is to demonstrate and explain many of the Zillow Zestimate features. We will also share how the Zestimate can be used as a powerful tool.

  7. tom ferry

    Tom Ferry: How To Out-List the Competition [Recorded Webinar]

    [youtube width=”525″ height=”375″][/youtube] Just in case you missed all the buzz for the Tom Ferry webinar we had called “How to Out-List Your Competition,” we now […]

  8. Agentfolio

    Next Week at Zillow Academy: Agentfolio

    This week, Zillow launched Agentfolio, the industry’s first mobile and Web workspace where you and your clients can search, share, organize and discuss listings all in one place and with real-time data.

  9. Jay Thompson

    Zillow Insider: Meet Jay Thompson

    Jay Thompson is Director of Industry Outreach & Social Media at Zillow.

  10. Jared James

    Next Week at Zillow Academy: Jared James Will Present 3 Ways to Close More Deals

    Whether you are a new agent struggling to find business or an experienced agent dealing with a lack of inventory in your area, you are not going to want to miss this free webinar.