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Jay Thompson is the Director of Industry Outreach for Zillow. He was licensed as a real estate sales agent in Arizona in 2004 and got his broker's license in 2007 when he and his wife founded Thompson's Realty, an independent real estate brokerage that serves the Phoenix metro area. He is loving the "urban lifestyle" in a downtown Seattle condo he found on Zillow.

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    Expand Your Expertise: 5 Real Estate Courses to Take Now

    Real estate agents need to take continuing education courses to keep up with the changing requirements and landscape of the industry.

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    4 Ways to Help Foreign Buyers Navigate the US Market

    How can real estate agents work effectively with foreign real estate buyers? Do your homework, learn the essentials and enjoy the process.

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    Real Estate Affiliate Programs: Are They Right for You?

    Real estate agents should understand, evaluate and weigh the pros and cons of affiliate programs before deciding to use them.

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    The Supercharged Open House Sweepstakes Winner Is …

    … Tamarra Howell-Wright! Big congrats — like $5,000 big — to Tamarra, the lucky winner of the Zillow for Pros Supercharged Open House Sweepstakes! When asked what she was planning […]

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    A Day in the Life of a Successful Real Estate Agent

    Prospecting, marketing research, paperwork—learn more about the typical activities that a successful real estate agent does on daily basis.

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    Do You Need a Real Estate Coach?

    A real estate coach can help you generate leads, build your brand, identify prospects, manage contacts, improve sales volume, and more.

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    Zillow Summits, Tech Connect and More!

    Zillow recently hosted a Zillow Summit in Colorado Springs, the hometown of Zillow Tech Connect partner BombBomb. BombBomb shot several videos at the Summit. Here’s one with […]

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    7 Must Haves for Your Real Estate Website

    You probably have a real estate website. Or maybe you’re thinking about creating one. Either way, your goal should be to generate traffic, leads, and (ultimately) sales. But […]

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    Midyear Check-in: Revisiting Your Real Estate Business Plan

    It’s crucial to revisit your business and marketing plans and measure your progress against your goals.

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    Five Tips for Writing a Real Estate Resume

    Real estate agents who use resumes as part of their marketing toolbox will set themselves apart.