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Jay Thompson is the Director of Industry Outreach for Zillow. He was licensed as a real estate sales agent in Arizona in 2004 and got his broker's license in 2007 when he and his wife founded Thompson's Realty, an independent real estate brokerage that serves the Phoenix metro area. He is loving the "urban lifestyle" in a downtown Seattle condo he found on Zillow.

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    Infographic: Help Your Client Understand Why 20% Is Ideal for a Down Payment

    By putting down 20 percent of a home’s purchase price, clients avoid paying private mortgage insurance (PMI), and their monthly mortgage payments will be lower.

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    Real Estate Brokers Licenses and Sales Licenses: What’s the Difference?

    I distinctly remember when I first thought about getting into real estate. I knew I had to be licensed, so I dove into Google. Instant confusion […]

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    Choosing the Best Real Estate CRM

    Customer relationship management software can help you convert more prospects to clients and improve your business overall.

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    Time is Running Out! Enter the $5,000 Supercharged Open House Sweepstakes!

    Wish you had an extra $5,000 cash this spring? Enter the Zillow for Pros Supercharged Open House Sweepstakes and you might get that $5,000 delivered to you! Be sure […]

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    5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Real Estate Broker

    Company culture, training, availability, business opportunity and support are important factors to review.

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    Creative Real Estate Promotional Items

    Good promotional items can help you stay top of mind with your clients and prospects.

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    Real Estate Agent Reviews: What Are Clients Looking For?

    Agent reviews provide a tremendous opportunity to highlight your skills from the perspective of the consumer.

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    You Could Win: $5,000 Supercharged Open House Sweepstakes!

    As summer approaches, the real estate market is heating up! You’ve got that perfect listing and are ready to hold an open house. You think to […]

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    Real Estate Marketing: Creating Videos on a Shoestring Budget

    All you need is a video camera, video editing software, and access to the Internet.

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    The 8 Most Challenging Types of Real Estate Clients

    Learn how to recognize the most common types of difficult clients and, more importantly, how to handle them.