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Jay Thompson is the Director of Industry Outreach for Zillow. He was licensed as a real estate sales agent in Arizona in 2004 and got his broker's license in 2007 when he and his wife founded Thompson's Realty, an independent real estate brokerage that serves the Phoenix metro area. He is loving the "urban lifestyle" in a downtown Seattle condo he found on Zillow.

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    Infographic: What 1% Will Save You on a Mortgage

    We all know that lower mortgage interest rates mean lower monthly payments. But how much lower, and what is the impact of that over the life […]

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    Zillow Real Estate Training: Make Me Move & FSBO Listings

    Tight inventory? Have a ready, willing and able buyer but just can’t seem to find that perfect home for sale? Take a look at Zillow’s “non-listed […]

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    Tick Tock! Time is Running Out to Enter $2,500 Listing Photography Sweepstakes!

    Come Noon (Pacific time) on Tuesday, March 11, your chance to enter the Zillow For Pros Listing Photography Sweepstakes is OVER. That’s right, noon Pacific, 1:00pm Mountain, […]

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    Real Estate Slogans

    Real estate slogans. Real estate tag lines. Everyone wants a “catchy” real estate slogan, one that catches the eye and is memorable. Consider these advertising slogans. […]

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    Zillow 101: Sharing Listings, Reviews and Market Stats

    If you’ve ever been on Facebook and clicked “Like” or “Share” on a post, comment or photo, then you understand the power of “social sharing”. It […]

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    Zillow 101: Using Zillow Digs

    Checked out Zillow Digs lately? Whether you use it on the desktop or a mobile device, there have been a lot of changes lately! What is […]

  7. Zillow For Pros Listing Photo Sweepstakes

    Enter to Win: $2,500 Listing Photography Sweepstakes!

    Great listing photos help sell homes faster. Enter to win cash that could be applied to a professional photo shoot.

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    7 Ways to Get More Contacts: A Zillow Guide

    Stop a random real estate agent on the street and ask them what are the top things they must do to get business. The vast majority […]

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    Headed to Family Reunion or R4? Check Out Our Classes!

    Greetings Keller Williams and RE/MAX Agents! Headed to the KW Family Reunion or RE/MAX R4 Conferences? We’ve got some great stuff planned for both! At both […]

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    Zillow 101: Past and Recent Sales

    Past sales? Recent sales? What is the difference, and why would you want them on your profile? In Zillow-speak, “past sales” are just that — all […]