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Jennifer Chan is a marketing coordinator at Zillow and manages content for the rentals side of the Zillow for Pros/ blog.

  1. 2015 rental forecast

    2015 Rental Real Estate Forecast

    Looking at the rental data, here are our predictions for what’s in store for the rental industry in 2015.

  2. landlord hacks

    Work Smarter With These Landlord Hacks

    Here are some tips to help you save time and money managing your rental property.

  3. tenant holiday appreciation

    5 Ways to Show Resident Appreciation this Holiday Season

    The holidays are a great time to build relationships with your residents and show them you’re thankful that they call your property home.

  4. Multifamily rent to income

    Zillow Research: Multifamily Affordability is Steady

    Our research team at Zillow looked at rental affordability data for small and large multifamily buildings, and here’s what we found.

  5. Multifamily-Marketer-Spotlight

    Multifamily Marketer Spotlight: Steve Gilbert, Gates Hudson

    We spoke with Steve Gilbert from Gates Hudson to see what metrics his team prioritizes to reach leasing success.

  6. Zillow Rental Network

    5 Questions With Brian Frisby, Senior Director of Sales, Rentals

    Learn about Brian Frisby’s extensive experience in the multifamily industry and his goals for the Zillow Rental Network.

  7. 6988228940_789936f14e_z

    Rental Confidence in the US: West and South

    Take a look at the results of Zillow’s annual Housing Confidence Index for the Western and Southern U.S. regions.

  8. zillow renter confidence index

    Rental Confidence in the US: Northeast and Midwest

    Take a look at the results of Zillow’s annual Housing Confidence Index, which includes research on renters’ expectations of how the housing market will evolve in the next year.

  9. landlord mistakes

    Top 5 Most Common Landlord Mistakes

    Avoid potential pitfalls and unnecessary expenses by being aware of the most common mistakes made by landlords.

  10. Zillow multifamily marketer spotlight

    Multifamily Marketer Spotlight: Rosemarie Cook-Manley, Home Properties

    We spoke with Rosemarie to get some insight on how her team implements tracking and allocates the marketing budget to maximize ROI.