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Michael George earned a B.S. in Management Information Systems from Oakland University. When Google was still in "beta" (1998), Michael wrote his first paper on the search engine's database and hasn't stopped the obsession since. Get true SEO guru tips onGoogle+...

  1. SEO in Ten Minutes

    Ten-Minute SEO: Optimize Your WordPress Menus

    Most people don’t realize you can optimize your WordPress menus to help Google get a better understanding of your site content. This equals better SEO.

  2. translation: know more

    More Common Sense SEO: Translate Your Website

    If your website easily translates content, your website is more useful to more people; common sense SEO means that we should make our sites translation ready.

  3. How Much Does SEO Cost?

    How Much Does SEO Cost?

    If you are wondering how much SEO costs, this article will shed some light on how expensive and inexpensive SEO can be. Cheap SEO is rarely a good idea.

  4. free seo tool: screaming frog

    Free SEO Tool: Real Estate Agent SEO Audit

    In this post, I will take a look at the real estate SEO efforts made by Lee Alley, of Rapid City, South Dakota. We use a free SEO tool called Screaming Frog.

  5. target marketing

    Marketing to Your Own Demographic

    Sometimes the easiest people to sell to are those with who you share something in common; when you market try to market to your own demographic!

  6. top 10 ranking

    What is My True Google Ranking?

    Your true position in the Google SERPs can be hard to determine; here is one way to find your true ranking in Google.

  7. free photography

    Free Photos to Help Your SEO Efforts

    This article explains where you can find free photography to use on your blog, under the Creative Commons license, which will improve your SEO efforts.

  8. best links for SEO

    The Best Links to Get (and Give) For SEO

    The overuse of nofollow links may be harming your website; if you have the irrational fear of passing PageRank or Google juice, you need to read this article.

  9. common sense SEO

    More Common Sense SEO Tips: Imitate Success!

    This week, read about a Massachusetts real estate agent that really does an excellent job marketing himself and his real estate business.

  10. climb higher with the perfect blog post

    The Anatomy of a Perfect Blog Post

    Find out how you can structure your blog posts to rank higher in SEO. We’ll break it down for you.