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Sarah Gabot is a Marketing Coordinator for Zillow Rentals. Sarah has been on the team since 2011. She regularly authors blog articles for The Zillow For Pros blog.

  1. Update older rentals

    How to Update Older Rental Properties

    Older rental properties have a lot of character, but they can also require a lot of work. Making updates to an older property also can work in your benefit by making your unit more competitive and desirable to renters.

  2. Fall Events to Host for Your Residents-ewantraveler

    Fall Events to Host for Your Residents

    Fall is back. While summer is usually associated with fun-filled outdoor events, it doesn’t mean that your business should stop hosting events during the fall. Here are a few suggestions on events you could host in the fall to bring your residents together.

  3. renter rights

    Learn About Basic Renter Rights

    There are laws that protect both landlord and resident. Familiarizing yourself with the laws associated with each role will help you do your job better as well as protect you from legal problems.

  4. img_hoarding_infographic_appfolio_1000_3336.png

    Infographic: How Hoarders Take Material Love Too Far

    People who hoard have a disability. Unfortunately, hoarding is a difficult disability to understand; it takes a lot to be able to see past the problems caused by the accumulation of stuff and see a human being struggling with a disability.

  5. Support Apartment Watch

    Support your Community Apartment Watch

    Just like a Neighborhood Watch, an Apartment Watch is a band of citizen patrols that look out for each other and the community. They report suspicious activities to the police and help increase crime awareness in the community. While normally, Apartment Watches are started by residents, this doesn’t mean you can’t lend a helping hand and support them.

  6. First time landlord

    Advice for First Time Landlords

    Being a landlord sounds like an easy job, but if you ask any veteran landlord, they’ll tell you it’s harder than it seems. While becoming a landlord can be rewarding by providing you additional income, it also requires a lot of patience and hard work.

  7. window safety

    Window Safety Guards for Property Managers

    Windows let light into apartments and are a beautiful asset to any home. However, windows could also be very hazardous for small children. According to a CNN blog, 5,000 children per year end up in the emergency room from window falls. Additionally, windows also risk potential break-ins if they’re located on the first floor.

  8. How to deal with a hoarder

    What You Need to Know About Hoarding Residents

    According to the American Psychiatric Association says that hoarding occurs in about 2-5 percent of the population. For property managers, hoarding can cause serious health and safety issues for residents. However, hoarding is considered a disability. Thus, it is protected under the Fair Housing Act, and discriminating against disabilities is against the law.

  9. Outdoor Amenities

    Apartment Trends: Cool Outdoor Amenities

    Prospective residents these days aren’t only looking for luxurious amenities inside the building, but they’re also interested in what’s offered on the outside. Outdoor amenities are also considered as “community recreation areas”, and they’re great places for activities and for families.

  10. Prepare landcaping for autumn

    How to Prepare Your Landscaping For Autumn

    As the warm summer days begin to fade, you should start preparing your property for the colder months. Adequate landscaping maintenance during the fall will prevent damage to your lawn and other plants during the winter. The last thing you want to see after the snow melts is damage to your once-beautiful landscape.