Available Today: Zillow Home Direct Ads

As many of you probably know, Zillow makes money via advertising— we provide interesting content, and sell advertising around it. Since it’s not a new concept, success requires constant innovation. Today we’re happy to announce some innovation on our part with the launch of Zillow Home Direct Ads. This suite of tools provides large and national advertisers the opportunity to target online ads specific to each of the 70 million+ homes on Zillow.

Until today, it was hard for an advertiser to target consumers at a level more granular than a specific ZIP code, but with this launch advertisers can reach neighborhoods and even specific houses of homeowners who are on the verge of making major home-related purchases like moving or remodeling – we believe a very powerful proposition.

Imagine if a telecommunications provider could hone their advertising campaign to reach homes based on the products they have available on certain streets – down to a house-by-house level. For example, they could advertise sought-after high speed Optical Fiber Lines directly to the homes where the technology is available. Then target DSL to all other homes – as close as across the street!

We’ve been shopping this around a bit over the past month, and the response has been great. Advertisers are excited about our new tools, and we’ve even heard a few “wow’s” along the way.  Be sure to check out more details on the annoucement  including the specific features here.

We are excited about the value Home Direct Ads will bring our advertisers and believe that our users will also benefit from more relevant ads.  If you interested in learning more, let us know! And don’t forget about our self-service ad product, EZ Ads, created for local and individual advertisers who want to quickly create and run ads at the ZIP code level.