Carnival of Real Estate #53

core53magnificent7.jpgUnfortunate is he or she who was scheduled as host of the 53rd edition of the Carnival of Real Estate, which came on the heels of Real Estate Connect, a three-day conference in San Francisco. But, Larry Cragun of Real Estate Undressed, somehow found the time and unveiled the “Magnificent 7 Consumer Articles.” Zillow’s own Leslie Pandey took top honors for her “Attack of the Creepy Crawlies” post about bugs. Head on over and take a look to see who else was magnificent this past week!

The carnival will make its next appearance on Monday, Aug. 13 at Realty Thoughts. Please submit your best post by Sunday, Aug. 12, to be considered. Are you a real estate blogger and would you like to host a future edition or take a more active role in carnival administration? If so, get instructions on how to do so here. Please check the complete FAQ list if you have other questions as to how to participate.