Zillow to Acquire StreetEasy, New York's Leading Real Estate Website

We’re very excited to announce today that we’ve entered into an agreement to acquire StreetEasy, the leading real estate website in New York City. StreetEasy attracts […]

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Check Out Our New Zillow TV Spot!

Today, we’re very excited to launch our latest Zillow TV spot as part of our “Find Your Way Home” national advertising campaign.

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Tom Ferry: How To Out-List Your Competition

Real estate coach Tom Ferry will be co-hosting a free webinar at Zillow Academy on April 30. In this session he’ll share tips, tools and techniques on how to out list your competition and dominate your local market with the much needed inventory.


Behind the Scenes of HGTV's 'Selling LA'

There’s a lot to consider when deciding to air your personal life on reality TV. And when it’s your business in the spotlight, there’s even more at stake. But for real estate agents Kofi Natai Nartey and Katy Landrum, there was more to gain than lose from joining the cast of HGTV’s “Selling LA.”

Rich Lacy - Doory Awards

Rich Lacy Presents: The 2013 HGTV FrontDoor Doory Awards

Special guest Rich Lacy from HGTV FrontDoor joined us as co-host at Zillow Academy to share the details and benefits of the 2013 Doory Awards. It’s not too late to nominate your listing in one of the categories.


Leverage Zillow to Generate Contacts

Here are a few ways to increase the volume of leads and contacts you’re getting from Zillow.


Zillow Opens Office in San Francisco

California, here we come! Zillow, one of Seattle’s great places to work, according to Seattle Met magazine, has officially opened an office in the heart of […]

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Zillow Launches 2013 TV Campaign

Today, we are excited to launch our 2013 TV campaign. A few of you might recognize the spot, “Find Your Way Home,” which ran in limited release last fall.

Karin Jessen - $10K Zillow / Amazon Sweepstakes winner!

And the Winner is... Karin Jessen in Orem, Utah!

Last month Zillow held a sweepstakes for one lucky entrant to win an Amazon.com® gift card valued at $10,000. We are pleased to announce that Karin Jessen, […]

Introducing... Zillow's First TV Ad

Introducing... Zillow's First TV Ad

Today at Zillow we are very excited to launch our first-ever TV commercial, titled “Find Your Way Home.” It’s airing nationwide this fall on channels such […]