Top Real Estate Agent: Kirby Scofield, Las Vegas, NV

Las Vegas, NV agent Kirby Scofield left a career in insurance several years ago and successfully transitioned to real estate.

rent concessions

Rent Concessions? What are Those?

What’s the one thing that’s decreasing in this healthy rental market? The use of rent concessions.


Top Real Estate Agent: Goran Forss, Riverside, CA

Riverside, CA agent Goran Forss explains how his team has doubled its business three years in a row and is on pace to close $120 million in sales in 2014.

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Top Real Estate Agent: Brad Korb, Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles, CA agent Brad Korb has been going strong in the real estate business since 1979 and shares his learnings from over the years.


Top Real Estate Agent: Landon Miller, Orange County, CA

Orange County, CA agent Landon Miller wears a suit every day. It’s an instant conversation starter at the places he frequents around town and often results in new business.


Top Real Estate Agent: Laura Wucher, San Francisco, CA

Third-generation San Francisco, CA agent Laura Wucher delights her listing clients with several perks — including an open house extravaganza.

rental competition

How Do You Stack Up Against the Rental Competition?

With so many different players in the rental market, it’s important to be aware of approaches other rental marketers use to gain residents.

Social media keyboard

101 Social Media Posts for Real Estate Agents

You likely hear it almost every day: You must be on social media! But what should you post? Here are 101 ideas to get you started.


Top Real Estate Agent: Julie Wyss, San Jose, CA

San Jose, CA real estate agent Julie Wyss has great knowledge of the Bay Area market and increases business by working with buyers, sellers and investors.


Top Real Estate Agent: Allen Brake, St. Louis, MO

St. Louis real estate agent Allen Brake uses technology to keep himself and his clients on top of every deal.