Zillow Acquires Retsly

Today, we are excited to announce that Zillow has acquired Retsly™, a Vancouver, BC-based software company that normalizes real estate data from multiple listing services so […]

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Is Your Home Buyer Qualified? 6 Simple Questions to Ask

Working with clients who are ready to buy, and have the financial ability to do so, is key to growing your business.


Zillow Tech Connect Now Has 25 Technology Partners

We are pleased to announce that Zillow® Tech Connect has surpassed 25 partners. Zillow Tech Connect allows technology companies to connect their systems with Zillow, creating […]

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4 Ways to Help Foreign Buyers Navigate the US Market

How can real estate agents work effectively with foreign real estate buyers? Do your homework, learn the essentials and enjoy the process.

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Top Real Estate Agent: Julie Franklin, Philadelphia, PA

Top Philadelphia, PA real estate agent Julie Franklin describes how being licensed in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey has increased her business.

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Real Estate Lead Generation: 5 Proven Keys to Success

A good real estate agent will always have three to four regular means to produce leads. Try different approaches and see what is best for you.

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The 5 Best Apps for Real Estate Agents

There are thousands of apps that can help agents be more efficient and manage their time. These five apps should be the foundation of every agent’s practice.

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Top Real Estate Agent: Tom DeLese, New York, NY

Passion is behind everything New York, NY agent Tom DeLese does. From flying model planes to building wooden trains, real estate is no different.

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Real Estate Affiliate Programs: Are They Right for You?

Real estate agents should understand, evaluate and weigh the pros and cons of affiliate programs before deciding to use them.

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5 Warning Signs That You Should Reject a Listing

Selling a home has not only financial implications, but practical and emotional ones too. Take a step back and offer alternatives to listing immediately.