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13 Real Estate Magazines You Should Start Reading Today

Peruse our list of 13 real estate magazines and browse through the ones that can help you stay up to date on the industry.


What Is the Zillow Premier Agent Forum?

The Zillow Premier Agent Forum is an opportunity for agents to expand their peer network, get advice from top producers, and dive deeper into Zillow tools.


Northeast Oklahoma Real Estate Services Joins Zillow Partnership Platform

Northeast Oklahoma Real Estate Services has joined the Zillow Partnership Platform.


Free Real Estate Download: 6 Phone Scripts for Success

Use our free phone scripts to start the conversation with buyer and seller leads and keep them on the line.


Top Real Estate Agent: Melissa Tucci, San Diego, CA

San Diego, CA agent Melissa Tucci has established herself as the local expert by becoming the official real estate agent of the San Diego Padres.

Video Email

Video Emails and More: 4 Ways to Use Technology to Convert Real Estate Leads

Using digital technologies — from hardware to software — can help you generate, manage and convert leads, keep in touch with clients, and stay competitive.

Edina Realty Joins Zillow Pro for Brokers

Edina Realty Joins Zillow Pro for Brokers

Adding Edina’s vast network of listings to Zillow ensures that home shoppers can easily connect with an Edina agent to help them with their shopping experience.

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The 5 Best Mobile Apps for Real Estate Videos

Bring your real estate business to life with exciting and engaging videos that you can shoot, edit and share on your smartphone or tablet using these apps.


Don’t Miss Out! Enter to Win the $2,500 Fall Marketing Sweepstakes!

Here’s your chance to win $2,500 to kick-start your fall marketing, but you have to enter by 9/26! Get our Lead Nurturing Guide free just for entering.

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Using Social Media for Real Estate Listings: 8 Essential Rules

Following the rules for using social media platforms can help build a community of buyers and sellers and grow your business.