Close More Sales: 4 Things Successful Real Estate Agents Do by Noon

Morning person or not, knocking out these four tasks every day before noon can help any real estate agent be more efficient and successful.

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Let’s Make a Deal: 6 Tactics for Negotiating Your Real Estate Agent Commission

The keys to earning a full commission include explaining how commissions are distributed, emphasizing what you’ll do to market the home, and showing reviews from past clients.

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RE/MAX Chairman Dave Liniger Interviews Zillow CEO

Dave Liniger, real estate industry icon and Chairman of the Board and Co-Founder of RE/MAX, recently sat down with Zillow CEO Spencer Rascoff to talk about […]

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Agent Poll: Do You Work While on Vacation?

Just because you can work on vacation doesn’t mean you should. A break from the routine, no matter how big or small, will make you a better agent.

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Converting Empty Nester Leads: 5 Tips for the Savvy Real Estate Agent

Once their birds have flown, empty nesters might want to move, invest, upsize or downsize. Understanding this demographic can create many opportunities to grow your business.


Zillow Hires Two Industry Veterans

I am excited to announce that two new industry veterans have joined our growing industry development team: Steve Allen and Chris Kiel. Both join as directors […]


Top Real Estate Agent: Laura Wucher, San Francisco, CA

Third-generation San Francisco, CA agent Laura Wucher delights her listing clients with several perks — including an open house extravaganza.

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Get More Real Estate Listings: 13 Strategies to Close the Deal

One of the more frustrating aspects of getting listings, regardless of your experience as an agent, is getting to the listing presentation, delivering it, and then finding out a few days later that you didn’t get the listing. Here are strategies to close the deal and get more listings.


Cold, Warm, or Hot? Six Questions to Categorize Real Estate Leads

Understanding where a contact is in the home buying or selling process is the key to tailoring your communications with them.

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101 Social Media Posts for Real Estate Agents

You likely hear it almost every day: You must be on social media! But what should you post? Here are 101 ideas to get you started.