Property Management

Property Manager Spotlight – Geraldine Colucci, Equitable Property Management

Read about how one property manager grew her business from managing seven properties to almost 200.

apartment landscaping

Stress-Free DIY Residential Landscaping Ideas

Here are simple, cost-effective landscaping ideas to add interest and design to a property without costing yourself extensive time and money.

budget kitchen remodel

Budget-Friendly Kitchen Updates for your Rental Property

All renovations are planned with a budget in mind, so here are some cost-friendly improvements to bring your rental property’s kitchen into the 21st century.

senior housing

How Property Managers Can Attract Senior Renters

The following guidelines will provide some tips and advice for property managers renting to senior citizens.

apartment private yard

Apartment Amenity Trends for 2014

In addition to the usual parking spots and on-site laundry, what excites renters when it comes to apartment amenities?

time management

Time Management Tips for Property Managers

Stressed out? No time to do the things you want to do or should be doing? It’s time for time management.

prefab apartment

Prefab Units: The Low-Cost Housing Solution

Here’s why prefabricated units could be a solution for areas in need of more affordable housing.

value of property managers

Ending Homelessness: The Role of Property Managers

Working with community agencies whose goal is to house people who are homeless actually has many advantages for property managers and landlords.

rental roof maintenance

Roof Maintenance Tips for Property Managers

A solid roof maintenance and repair plan helps landlords and property managers avoid major problems before they get out of control.

work on the go

Tips for Working On the Go

Here are some easy tips to be more productive when working on the go.