Property Management

Top 10 Cities Where Landlords Make the Most Money

Zillow looked at the top 50 U.S. metros to see which areas give landlords the best return on investment.

apartment construction

Rental Occupancy Strong Despite New Inventory

Despite fears of oversupply with so much new rental inventory, units have been absorbed in the market to meet renter demand.

rental maintenance delays

Working Through Maintenance Delays With Residents

The key to placating frustrated residents as you schedule repairs is delivering great customer service.

evolving rental market webinar

Webinar Recap: How to Thrive in Today’s Evolving Rental Market

Watch our webinar to learn about rental market trends across the nation and how you can optimize listings for better performance.

resident retention

5 Budget-Friendly Resident Renewal Incentives

Here are some renewal incentive ideas you can try to stay within your budget and make your tenants happy.

Zillow rentals webinar

Free Webinar: Making the Most of an Evolving Rental Market

Our June 26 webinar will share the rental market outlook as well as strategies property managers can use to promote their properties in different market conditions.

rental property updates

Planning Smart Rental Property Upgrades

Here are some tips to help you figure out how to plan a rental property rehab that will pay off.

tenant abandonment

What to Do When a Tenant Abandons a Rental Property

Before you clean out the unit and list it for rent, follow the correct legal procedure for dealing with a tenant who has abandoned a property.

open house security

Minimizing Open House Theft Risks

A showing can open residents up to the risk of theft. Use these strategies to lower the risks of open house related crimes.

Digital-Advertising guide

Investing Your Digital Marketing and Advertising Dollars

Are you investing your online marketing dollars in the right place? In this guide, we walk you through the online channels that will help your marketing succeed.