Rental Pros

5 Questions With Brian Frisby, Senior Director of Sales, Rentals

Learn about Brian Frisby’s extensive experience in the multifamily industry and his goals for the Zillow Rental Network.


Rental Confidence in the US: West and South

Take a look at the results of Zillow’s annual Housing Confidence Index for the Western and Southern U.S. regions.

zillow renter confidence index

Rental Confidence in the US: Northeast and Midwest

Take a look at the results of Zillow’s annual Housing Confidence Index, which includes research on renters’ expectations of how the housing market will evolve in the next year.

landlord mistakes

Top 5 Most Common Landlord Mistakes

Avoid potential pitfalls and unnecessary expenses by being aware of the most common mistakes made by landlords.

Zillow multifamily marketer spotlight

Multifamily Marketer Spotlight: Rosemarie Cook-Manley, Home Properties

We spoke with Rosemarie to get some insight on how her team implements tracking and allocates the marketing budget to maximize ROI.

Zillow Adults Splitting Rent

Rental Trends: A Third of Americans are Splitting the Rent

More adults are doubling up in order to afford the rent, especially in cities where rents are increasing faster than income.

Landlord winter maintenance

Winter Maintenance Tips for Landlords

Prevent the hazards of cold weather by completing these action items before the temperatures dip.

Multifamily Marketer Dolben Sara Graham

Multifamily Marketer Spotlight: Sara Graham, The Dolben Company

Sara Graham, the Director of Marketing at Dolben, shares her team’s approach to marketing and describes how they measure success.

landlords rent to pets

5 Tips for Renting to Tenants with Pets

Do you have the rules and regulations in place to help you manage residents and their pets?

Multifamily marketer spotlight

Multifamily Marketer Spotlight: Allison and Kevin, Bell Partners

Managing over 65,000 units in 15 states and 120 cities is no small task, but the marketing team at Bell Partners has it down to a tee.