Cheap or Free Tips for Landscaping Your Rental Property

Cheap landscaping tips for your rental property

Photo credit: Old Itch (Flickr)

First impressions count. Rental properties are no exception. As soon as a prospective renter walks up to your unit to attend a property showing, the landscaping leading up to the front door makes the first impression.

Previously, we’ve written about how to boost your property’s curb appeal to attract renters, but this time, we’re going to tell you how you can do it on the cheap or for free.

Here are 3 landscaping tips for your rental property that won’t hurt your wallet.

Tip #1: Get a free tree from the city.

Cities are always looking for ways to increase greenery. It provides shade, creates a natural habitat to animals, raises property value, and reduces air pollution. This is why cities offer free trees to residents to plant on their own. Visit the city’s website to see if there’s a free tree program available.

Tip #2: Visit the free Craigslist section or talk to construction companies for materials.

Craigslist’s “free stuff” section has lots of free materials such as stones, concrete, bricks, etc. A lot of these items are remainders or excess from previous construction jobs. If you can’t find anything here, you could also talk to local construction or demolition companies to see if they have any extra materials they’re looking to dispose.

You can use large concrete pieces for stepping stones or smaller pieces as gravel.

Tip #3: Talk to fellow gardeners.

See something you like? Many avid gardeners keep seeds of plants they enjoy replanting for the following year. Ask these gardeners if they have any extra seeds you could have, or find a seed exchange online. Check out places like The Garden Web to see if you could snag some free seeds.