Common Design Mistakes of Apartment Websites

Apartment Websites

B.Garry (Flickr)

Lots of professionals and business in rentals have a website. However, creating apartment websites that attract more prospective renters is a lot more than adding a bunch of pictures and listings to a site. An apartment website for a property management business needs to be practical for renters and easy to use.

Avoid these common mistakes when building an apartment website for your business:

Complicated web design.

Some people feel that a website needs to be flashy to be considered a “good website”. The truth is that it’s more important to have an efficient website. If your website takes too long to load, renters feel like it’s a lot faster to go to another site instead. Items that take too long to load such as flash players or music should be avoided. It’s more important that your site is efficient.

Disorganized website.

When there’s no structure to a website, it’s difficult for renters to find what they’re looking for. Renters should be able to find your listings, “About Me” page, and contact information in a cinch. If there’s too much information to sift through, prospective renters will be deterred. Instead, construct a structured website only containing the information renters need. Every time you decide to add a new page to your site, ask yourself “Is this necessary?” If it’s not crucial information renters need, then your website probably doesn’t need it.

Too much content.

When you have too much content on one page, it makes your site look daunting at a glance. Too much content could make your site commit the previously stated mistakes (complicated and disorganized). Some people have put too much content on their apartment websites by adding too many enlarged photos on one page or by putting all their content on one page. Instead, your website should have information in smaller, digestible bits. For example, instead of cluttering a listing with several large photos, have a featured photo for one listing, and include thumbnails (with each going to an enlarged photo) of other photos.

Failing to have a unique look.

I know we mentioned that you shouldn’t focus on creating a flashy apartment website, but that doesn’t mean that your site has to be dull. Creating an attractive website is important, too. It helps you stand out from your competitors. For example, maybe your site has a great interface that makes it easy for renters to search through all of your available units. Or maybe there’s an interactive chat window that allows renters to chat with you directly from your website.

If you don’t know how you can make your website attractive without making it look overwhelming, consider hiring a website designer to help you. A designer will help you create a competitively professional website that renters will want to use.