Creating a Twitter Marketing Strategy That Works

Twitter marketing

Image by stevegarfield via Flickr

Once you’ve created a Twitter account, you just update it regularly and wait for results, right? It’s not as simple as that – in order to make sure the time and effort you spend on social media is giving you returns (retweets, follows, likes, etc.), you need to set goals and have a strategy. Once that’s done, you can create a Twitter marketing campaign that’s tailored to achieving your goals.  Twitter gives you access to an extremely large audience, but without research and a solid Twitter marketing strategy, you could just be tweeting into space. Make sure Twitter is helping you achieve your marketing goals with these strategy tips:

Who is your audience?

Make sure your tweets are reaching your target audience by researching common keywords and categories in Twitter. You can interact with potential renters and provide them with useful tips if you can engage with them during their search. Look for Twitter users who are tweeting out hashtags or keywords such as “apartmenthunt” or “rentals,” “NYChousing,” etc. By targeting these keywords you’ll reach out to an audience who is relevant to your area of expertise.

What are you trying to achieve with your Twitter account?

Make sure you’re able to track the success of your Twitter channel by setting goals for yourself. Are you aiming to increase click-through to your website, increase blog visitors, grow your followers, use Twitter as a channel for customer service, or engage with potential renters? Decide on your objectives so you can create a campaign to achieve these goals.

Track Twitter success with timely goals.

An objective like “increase Twitter followers” can still be vague if you don’t have a measurement in place to track success. Set specific goals, such as “Increase click-through rate to the website by 5% month over month using Twitter.” Using Google Analytics, or other online social media tracking tools, you can see your progress week by week, and tweak your strategy if necessary to help you reach your goals.

Make sure your website, blog, or Twitter accounts are optimized for success.

So you want use Twitter to improve shares, clicks, follows, or retweets from your site – are you making it easy for renters to do so? Optimize your Twitter page, blog, website, or any other social accounts you’re using to make sure they’re accessible and clickable. Are there “Follow” buttons on your website, e-mail, and blog so readers can access your social accounts from every one of your marketing channels.

Modify goals based on results.

Don’t continue to do the same thing on your Twitter account if it’s not working. Have you tried asking survey questions to improve engagement, using Vine videos to drive awareness, or automating your tweets? Experiment with new strategies and modify your tactics to drive more activity to your Twitter account. Just make sure you track the results and have data to point you in the correct direction. Social media trends are constantly changing, so it makes sense to modify your strategy to work with the tide.