Descriptive Words and Phrases for Your Craigslist Ads

Descriptive words for Craigslist

When you’re writing property ads for Craigslist, describe your unit with effective descriptive words, not fluff. Prospective renters will come across hundreds of “adorable” and “nice” apartments, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re grabbing their attention.

You want your unit to stand out from the crowd, and show up in their search results when they’re looking for their next apartment. Start including words that renters will use to search Craigslist so that your listing appears in their search results. Use these words in the subject line or the body of your property ad.

Words that work

“Quiet” – Implies that the neighborhood is pleasant and safe. 

“Walkable” – Shows that the the unit is near amenities and conveniences.

“Open” – Usually used to describe a floor plan, and demonstrates spaciousness. 

You’re describing a unit that renters cannot see, so use words that put an image in a person’s head to help them imagine what your property is like. Also, consider the adjectives that elaborate a feature of your apartment. For example, a living room and kitchen can be described as “open.”

Words to leave out




Why do these word not work well? Try entering “beautiful” into a Craigslist apartment search and see how many results you get. The city of San Francisco currently results in 420 listings. In contrast, the term “walkable” results in 7 listings. While these words all imply that your property is a good-looking unit, what person would describe their unit otherwise? All apartments on the marketplace are attractive.

For more details on the number of occurrences in search results by keyword, download our free guide, “How to Create Better Listings: Creating Content that Converts.”